Monthly BNA Meeting! Monday June 15th

130114_cn-arno-1_p465 Monday June 15th! Iroquois Library at 7PM… On the Agenda – Market Recap, Cliff Water Garden, Crime Reports, Truck Traffic Report, Summer Party planning, and the ever popular Approval of the Minutes.. All are Welcome!

Broken Sidewalk

logos-brokensidewalk-300If you aren’t reading this blog by Architect Branden Klayko, you are missing out on what’s happening in Louisville’s landscape. New buildings, historic preservation, bike lanes, and mass transit, it’s all in here everyday.  Check it out!  Broken Sidewalk


Planning & Zoning 101 – Free !

CFN Logo for Blogger 2013Our friends at The Center for Neighborhoods have a great program coming up. It’s FREE, but you must PRE-REGISTER! Info below:
Planning and Zoning 101 Workshops
Tuesday, June 24th and Tuesday, July 8th
Louisville Urban League
1535 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203
6:00 – 8:30pm
What do neighborhood residents need to know about planning and design?

Topics covered:
Introduction to Planning and Design Services
Knowledge of definitions of planning and zoning terms
Neighborhood Plans
Description of each level of zoning
Zoning maps of neighborhoods
Maps of Metro Council District and neighborhood boundaries
Process of creating and amending ordinances
Fair Housing
Explain Conditional Use Permits
How to be notified of hearings or find information

These FREE workshops will educate residents with the planning and zoning process. YOU will leave with a binder of information as a reference of the items discussed that will enable you to be an effective voice in the community.

Pre-registration for workshop is requested. Please contact Lisa Dettlinger at 502.589.0343 or to leave your name, address, telephone number or email address if you plan on attending.

Preservation alert

Metro Council committee meeting planned to VOTE on the proposed Metro Landmarks ordinance amendment
Tuesday, June 12th at 1:30 pm Metro Chambers
6th & Jefferson Streets, 3rd Floor
Below is an email from Councilman Tom Owen regarding a meeting of the Planning/Zoning committee of the Metro Council TOMORROW – June 12th at 1:30 pm in Metro Chambers.

The amendment to the landmarks ordinance proposed by Councilman Yates is going to voted on tomorrow! Public testimony is only heard at these meetings at the discretion of the Chair of the Committee (Jon Ackerson). We don’t believe further testimony will be heard, but a show of support in opposition to the proposed amendment could be helpful! These proposed changes would greatly alter the landmarks ordinance, a successful tool that has been protecting & promoting Louisville landmarks for over 40 years!

Please attend this meeting if you can!

Two public hearings were held and there was an over whelming majority of the public that were not in support of changing the landmarks ordinance!

Ask the Metro Council why they would vote on changes to a local ordinance that the community has said doesn’t need to change?

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 4:15 PM, Owen, Tom wrote:

Persons who have written me about proposed revisions of our Metro Landmarks Ordinance:

I learned this morning that proposed revisions in our Metro Landmarks Ordinance will be heard and voted on TOMORROW at the Metro Council’s Planning Zoning and Land Use Committee at 1:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the 3rd Floor of City Hall at 6th and Jefferson Streets. Today, I tried unsuccessfully to make the case that this issue should be voted up or down in meetings in July after the current intense season of budget negotiations and the Budget approval Council meeting on June 21.

Tom Owen
8th District Metro Council
As a Metro Louisville citywide non-profit historic preservation organization, Preservation Louisville works in partnership with local, state and national organizations to promote the preservation of our community’s historic resources through education and advocacy. Preservation Louisville also provides education, technical information and resources. For more information,

Large Cellphone Tower at St. John Vianney

cell-tower6If you are opposed to this tower, please plan to attend this meeting. This is a large and visible structure that T-mobile claims they need for improved reception.

Notice of Public Hearing Case Number: 12157

You are invited to attend a review of a proposal for an application for a proposed 150 foot high self supporting tower with a 4 foot lightning rod for a total of 154 feet with a 1,600 square foot fenced compound area in the center of a 9 acre tract and landscaping waivers.

Subject Property: 4839 SOUTHSIDE DR 40214-0000;

This case will be presented to the PLANNING COMMISSION.

Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009
Time: Meeting will begin at 1:00 PM and continue until all cases are heard.
Place: 514 W. Liberty Street

Visit for:
* Case information
* Public comment opportunities
* Criteria and process for petitioning for an alternative time/location for a
Planning Commission hearing

A list of adjoining property owners notified of this proposal is available in
the case file at the address listed below. Persons who desire special
accommodations should contact the Planning Commission office at 574-6230
at least one week prior to this meeting. (TDD users please use the
Relay Service, 1-800-648-6056.)

Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services
444 S. 5th Street – Suite 300, Louisville, KY 40202-4313, (502)574-6230
Serving the Board of Zoning Adjustment, Planning Commission, Land Development and
Transportation Committee, Historic Landmarks and Preservation District Commission, and Overlay Committees.