Monthly BNA Meeting! Monday June 15th

130114_cn-arno-1_p465 Monday June 15th! Iroquois Library at 7PM… On the Agenda – Market Recap, Cliff Water Garden, Crime Reports, Truck Traffic Report, Summer Party planning, and the ever popular Approval of the Minutes.. All are Welcome!


August BNA Meeting Minutes

The BNA meeting was called to order by President Jeff Miller at 7:00 P.M.

Board members present: Jeff Miller, Rick Pickerill, Bob Starck, Gary Guss, Louise Despain, Kevin Steller, Linda Taylor and Jim Rosendale

Special guest,  Congressman John Yarmuth addressed the attendees with a very informative presentation.  He discussed issues concerning the Health Care Reform Act and answered questions from all the neighbors.  Everyone attending enjoyed the presentation and thanked Mr. Yarmuth for enlightening us on the events facing Congress in the next session.

Crime Report was presented by Lt. Judah-

Between July 20th and August 20th, 2012, twelve burglaries were reported in the Beechmont area, this includes commercial and residential burglaries.  Two robberies, six stolen cars and six thefts from vehicles were also reported.  Burglaries are still down 55% compared to this time last year. 

The lieutenant reported that a lot of the crime could be deterred if people would: Keep your automobile locked, don’t leave valuables in an automobile (especially in plain sight), and be observant to suspicious activity in your neighborhood. 

On August 29th, at 6:00p.m.,  metro police officers are having a walk in the 4th division, and another is scheduled for Sept. 12th at 5:30p.m for our neighborhood.  Come out and support our officers and let the community know that you are proactive in keeping our community safe and crime free.  For more information contact Tammy Steller.

Treasurers Report was reviewed and motion to accept made by Gary Guss and seconded by Kevin Steller. All board members approved.

Minutes from July meeting were reviewed and motion to accept made by Louise Despain and seconded by Bob Starck.  Minutes approved by board members.

Committee Reports:  The farmers market annual Harvest Festival will be held on September 22nd, this years event will feature a bluegrass band.  A motion made by Kevin Steller to give $250 to the Harvest Festival for expenses, seconded by Gary Guss. All board members approved.  Money may be reimbursed back to BNA through a local neighborhood grant issued by metro council.

J. Rosendale discussed boosting membership into the BNA by having more activities that promote our involvement within the neighborhood.  Further discussion will be addressed at future meetings.  The beautification committed has been working at the gazebo: we could always use help with our landscaping.  Bob Starck reported that, the replacement of our Beechmont sign is still in the works.

Motion to adjourn made by Bob Starck, seconded by Kevin Steller at 9:00p.m.

The August meeting was very informative and with the presentation by Congressman Yarmuth, everyone in attendance enjoyed and gained a little insight into the workings of our government.  The president of the BNA,  Jeff Miller, should be commended for obtaining our guest and making this an eventful board meeting.

BNA – March 2012 Minutes

BNA March 2012 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: G. Guss, R. Pickerill, R. Starck, V. Thompson, K. Steller, L. DeSpain, L. Taylor, D. French, J. Rosendale, D. Thompson, J. Miller

Board Members Absent: R. Clark, D. Krause

The meeting opened at 7 pm by President Jeff Miller.

Police Report: We had no police report this month as the officers are now coming every other month due to manpower cutbacks.

 Treasurers Report: Treasurer Debbie Thompson read the Treasurers report, we have a balance of $15,489 of which $5000 is a grant from BAE Systems that is earmarked for the Community Center remodeling project. A motion was made to approve the minutes by G. Guss, Seconded by K. Steller and the minutes were approved.

Farmer’s Market: We plan to have a few farmers available for the Festival of Flowers on May 12th. The Farmer’s Market may open a week or two early (mid-May) as the early spring may provide them with something to sell. This will be posted on the website etc. if it happens.

Old Business: With the onset of better weather, the remodeling of the Community Center (mostly exterior painting) should commence.  Thanks to BAE Systems for their generous donation to this cause.

New Business: There was a good deal of discussion revolving around the Facebook page, Jim Rosendale is researching how these pages are handled by other organizations and the legal ramifications of the same and will present at a future meeting.

Comfy Cow provided Ice Cream to the meeting as a way of introducing their new store in the Masterson’s block near U of L.  Thanks Comfy Cow!

A discussion of pricing policies on Bugler ads was held, we currently charge $45 for an Ad and $25 for a business membership, we discussed simplifying the wording to say that ads are $70/Year and include a Business membership. We received several ad renewals last month and a couple of new ads. Beechmont Bombshells took out a double sized ad.

Tammy Steller (4th Division Advisory board) came to the board with a request for $75 to give to the 4th Division of LMPD to help with their Night out program. A motion was made by Kevin Steller and seconded by Jeff Miller and this was granted.

Debbie Thompson also reported a request for a donation to the Little Loomhouse for $100 for the year. A motion was made by Gary Guss and seconded by Linda Taylor and this was also granted.

The board also discussed replacing the water fountain at the gazebo which is not working and also needs cosmetic repair. Linda Taylor has been researching designs for a new one with a dog bowl and will contact Marty Storch of the Parks dept. to see what is required.

We also discussed the upcoming Festival of Flowers and the cleanup of the area which was recently conducted. We still need some cleanup of the iris beds along the wall, and members are encouraged to help with this. R. Starck will contact Thornton’s for a mulch donation for this area and we probably will have to purchase more mulch. Festival of Flowers posters will be available at the next meeting in April for board members to deliver.

The Community Center was discussed with an eye to Landmarking or putting it on the National Register. This process may make it eligible to receive grant monies to aid in restoring it. Jim Rosendale has a wealth of information regarding this process.

Kevin Steller led a discussion of Neighborhood plans and the steps needed to start to implement a plan. This is a very large and complex undertaking with a neighborhood of our size, and would be at least a 2 year process.

A motion was made by Jeff Miller and seconded by Kevin Steller to adjourn the meeting and this was done at 8:20pm.


G. Guss – Acting Secretary

February BNA Meeting Minutes

Beechmont Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting 02-20-12


Attendees: Board Members Present: Rick Pickerill, Dottie Krause, Gary Guss, Jeff Miller,  Linda Taylor, Vi Thompson, Bob Starck, Kevin Steller, Jim Rosendale
Absent: Randy Clark, Debra Thompson, Louise Despain
Guests: Linda Guss, Donna Pickerill, Laura Hosbach, Tom Guenthner, Officer Burgraff, and Marianne Zickhur.
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
The police report was given Officer Burgraff.  Crime is remaining about the same.  A pamphlet was passed out to everyone providing contact information for non emergency calls.  Due to schedule demands and only 2 officers visiting neighborhoods, an officer from Metro will be attending the BNA meetings every other month. The BNA neighborhood block watch meetings will resume with the Feb 28, 2012 meeting at the Library at 7 pm.
The Treasurer’s report was provided and a general discussion was held regarding how to report some of the funds that are specifically in specific accounts. Motion made by Gary Guss, 2nd by Jeff Miller to reimburse the treasurer for the newest version of Quicken software to do the monthly treasurer report.  Motion carried.
Committee Reports:
General discussion regarding the Farmers Market was given by Donna Pickerill who reported the Comfy Cow, one of the new businesses located in the old Masterson’s would like to attend the March meeting and present about their new business.  Also, some of the farmers may want to open earlier and offer some early spring crops in advance of the grand opening weekend.
Gary Guss reported the membership and dues are remaining constant. Nominating committee continues to about the same.
Beautification committee reported the gazebo needs cleaning up and the landscaping trimmed and mowed.  Bob Starck volunteered to get a committee together and establish a date and a volunteer list. Bob is going to get with Dan Johnson’s office for reimbursement for mowing the lot at 3rd and Southern Heights. Laura Hosbach is coordinating a gazebo cleanup on Sunday 11 Mar at 1pm. Looking for volunteers to help.
Jeff Miller reported he has been contacted by the Home Owners of Innwood Condos with some complaints about getting the association to help encourage the owners to repave the parking lot.  Jeff Miller will invite the President of the Association to attend one of our meetings and the BNA will attempt to serve as a mediator in this issue.
Discussion was held concerning having a BNA event like the Minimarathon Breakfast during the Papa Johns 10 miler on 31 Mar 12.
The Festival of Flowers has started looking for volunteers to serve both on the committee and working the festival.  Boy Scouts will be asked to volunteer and work. Rick Pickerill is looking to get a Sheriff to attend and provide patrol.
There is a Facebook page where votes can be taken to try to encourage Rainbow Blossom to locate a store in Beechmont.
Planning Committee, Neighborhood Institute class that James Rosendale and Kevin Steller are attending.  They are working with Planning and Zoning to have a neighborhood charette and develop a plan. Research is being done to see if there is money for this plan/study and possibly become part of Cornerstone 2020. The goal of the plan/study is to looking at uses for the neighborhood with a focus on staying a primarily residential area. Jim Rosendale gave a brief report on the Neighborhood Institute.
Motion made Kevin Steller to adjourn at 8:45pm and 2nd by Bob Starck, Motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.
Dottie Krause – Secretary

BNA January 2012 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Jeff Miller at 7:10 p.m.
Board Members Present: Jeff Miller, Rick Pickerill, Linda Taylor, Deveney French, James Rosendale, Randy Clark, Vi Thompson, Kevin Steller, and Bob Starck
Board Members Absent: Dottie Krause, Debbie Thompson, Gary Guss and Louise Despain
Lt. Judah (LMPD) spoke about crime in the Beechmont area:
  Overall crime was down 9% in the 4th district in 2011, (Beechmont neighborhood is part of the 4th). Burglaries were down 15%.
Recently a rash of burglaries have been reported in Beechmont. Most of the burglaries have been during the daytime.  A possible vehicle involved is a white Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck, driven by a white male.  If you see this vehicle or any suspicious activity please call Lou. Metro Police.
Treasurers Report:   Current balance as of 01/16/2012 was $14,831.85. Report accepted by all members. 
No Secretary Report from December meeting:
Election of Officers:
Current officers will hold their position on the board for 2012.
President- Jeff Miller
V. President- Rick Pickerill
Secretary- Dottie Krause
Treasurer- Debbie Thompson
Motion made to accept the officers positions by Kevin Steller, seconded by Vi Thompson
Committee members:
Business District- Randy Clark and Tim Schrader
Farmers Market- Donna Pickerill, Linda Taylor and Rick Pickerill
Nominating- Deveney French and Vi Thompson
Membership- Gary Guss, James Rosendale, Kevin Steller, and Tom Guenthner
Publicity- Gary Guss
Beautification Committee- Bob Starck, Linda Taylor, J. Miller, and Vi Thompson
Public Affairs- Kevin Steller and Linda Taylor
Special Events- Laura Hosbach
Planning Committee- Kevin Steller
New Business:  Kevin advised that a member of Preservation Louisville will be attending our February 20, 2012 meeting.  Pizza will be served at the meeting and we invite our neighbors out for this informative event. The meeting will take place at the Iroquois Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library, 6th and Woodlawn. The meeting starts at 7:00p.m.
Kevin also spoke of Cornerstone 2020, which was formed by a group of citizens to plan for the future of Louisville.  If you would like to submit an idea concerning our area. please email Kevin at
Motion made to spend $100 for pizza at the February 20, 2012 meeting by R. Pickerill, seconded by K. Steller
The Beechmont Neighborhood Association would like to see more volunteers participate in our events in 2012. Come out and be a part of the best neighborhood in Louisville. 
Our next monthly meeting will be on Feb. 20, 2012, 7:00p.m. at the Iroquois Branch Library. In the basement. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:45p.m.

September BNA minutes

Minutes for Sept 19, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by President Jeff Miller.

Board Members Present: Jeff Miller, Linda Taylor, Gary Guss, Debbie Thompson, Louise Despain, Vi Thompson, Kevin Steller, Dottie Krause, Jim Rosendale, Randy Clark, Deveney French, Bob Starch, and Rick Pickerill

Guests Present: Lt. Charles Weather, Metro ABC, Johnny Burgraff, LMPD, Jim Shields of Commonwealth Recycling, Tom Guenthner, Jim Shields, Donna Pickerill, Ken Linfield, Sandra Poole, Zetta Howley, John Browning, Bruce Cantrell, George Levine, Ellen Reitmeyer, Wade Hurt and Dan Johnson.

LMPD Report: Johnny Burgraff reported that crime is down in the area. Passed out a photo of a suspect being sought. Asked the group to be on the look out for him. If see him, report to LMPD.

Lt. Charles Weather of Metro ABC addressed the group about some concerns the neighbors have regarding the Ashland Tavern; ie., loud music and noise coming from the building late hours. Lt Charles Weather reported he has responded to numerous complaints about the noise and they have been cited and fined. He explained the tiered fine structure for these type of disturbances. And because the fine structure increases with the number of times reported, he strongly encouraged residents to continue to report as a non emergency to the LMPD 571-7111. Much discussion about this issue ensued.

Meeting Highlights: Jim Shields of Commonwealth Recycling presented an outreach program to the BNA that recycles and disposes of properly, computers and other technology. There is a website that will be linked to the BNA website on face book. A discussion ensued about possibly offering this service at next year’s Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s Market for this season is coming to the end. This discussion will continue.

Dan Johnson, Metro District 21 Council Member reported on the paving and aligning of 2nd Street with Southside Drive and the new bridge from Strawberry Lane to Crittenden Drive project. For residents living in the District 21, they should contact MSD for one of the backflow values due to the recent flooding problems in the area.

Old Business: Minutes of last month’s meeting were read and approved. Motion made by Debbie Thompson, 2nd by Kevin Steller.

Treasurers Report: Debbie Thompson provided a treasurer’s report. Motion made by Jim Rosendale to approve, 2nd by Dottie Krause, motion carried.

New Business:

Committee formed to work on the Chili Supper/Grand Opening at the New Firehouse. Dottie Krause, Jeff Miller, Linda Taylor, Jim Rosendale, and Sandra Poole volunteered to serve on the committee. First meeting will be 27 Sept at 6:30 at Linda Taylor’s house.

Nominating committee: Let Deveney French know if you are interested in holding an office on the BNA.

Business Committee: Sunergos will provide an article to the Bugler on home brewing. Post Office has been cleared. Berkley Jewelry has moved across the street. The magazine racks at the bus stops on 3rd are being used as benches as there is no bus shelter or bench there. Dan Johnson reported there is a large restaurant interested in the old Colonial Garden’s property.

Farmer’s Market: An ad for the Harvest Fest will be put in the Courier, bill presented to Debbie Thompson. Workers who volunteered at this one make us eligible for a 50/50 grant, volunteers needed. Complimented Linda Taylor for her work this year in organizing volunteers. Rick and Donna Pickerill really appreciated and were much more freed up this year with the increased help. Motion made by Gary Guss, 2nd by Debbie Thompson to pay the musician for the Harvest Fest. Motion carried.

Membership: Membership is now up to 202 people on the face book page.

Beautification: Gazebo has been damaged again. Bob Starck suggested a camera be placed on the gazebo. Cost is minimal, approx $50. Will be discussed further at next meeting.

Hats, Caps, Shirts, sold at the Farmer’s Market will be reflected on the next treasurer’s report.

Upcoming Events and Special Events: Harvest Fest this Saturday Sept, 24, 2011 Farmer’s Market 8 to noon. Oct 4, 2011 Block Watch Neighborhood being held at the Beecher Street Apt Complex, 1010 Beecher St. Nov 21, 2011 Chili Supper at the Firehouse on Ashland and BNA November monthly meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

August 2011 – BNA Meeting

Minutes for August 15, 2011 BNA meeting
Meeting called to order at 7:00 P.M. by President Jeff Miller
Board Members present:  Jeff Miller, Linda Taylor, Gary Guss, Debbie Thompson, Louise Despain, Vi Thompson, Kevin Steller, Jim Rosendale, Randy Clark, Deveney French, Bob Starck, and Rick Pickerill
Board Members absent:  Dottie Krause
Guests Present:  Tammy Steller, Ken Linfield, Laura Hosbach, Tom Guenthner, Ted Crouch, Debbie Persons, Wade Hurt, and Ellen Raitmeyor
LMPD Report:  No crime report, Officers attended 2nd Street Neighborhood Crime Watch Meeting
Old Business:  Bids still being accepted for improvements at the Beechmont Community Center. One bid submitted for painting and gutter work at the center.  Received our order of  Beechmont Coffee Cups and glasses. Cups will be available for distribution with new memberships and the glasses will be for sale at our community events.  The glasses will sale (1) for six dollars or (4) for $20, cups will be (1) for $3.00. The glasses and mugs have the Beechmont Logo imprinted on them.  Motion to set the price for glasses and mugs made by Randy Clark, seconded by Louise Despain.  The Moonlight Mile and 8K Run is scheduled for August 20th, from 6:30p.m. to midnight.  A lot of events are scheduled, and we still could use more volunteers.  If you could volunteer for a few hours at this event, call Laura Hosbach.
New Business:  Seeking additional funding for the community center.  State Representative Wade Hurt is going to find out about additional mowings at the 3rd & Southern Heights/Watterson Expressway common areas.  He also mentioned that if anyone had questions or needed additional information relating to State Government, he would try to assist in finding answers or solutions.
Treasurers Report: Report given by Debbie Thompson.Current balance of $10472.82 as of 8/14/2011.  Treasurers report accepted by Gary Guss, seconded by Randy Clark.
Announcements:  Moonlight Mile & 8K Run, August 20, 2011 from 6:30 to 12:00 midnight Come out, have fun and support your neighborhood.   Farmers market every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon., thru October 15, 2011.
Meeting adjourned at 8:10p.m.