Center for Neighborhoods Summit – Scholarships

Many of you have expressed an interest in getting involved in making Beechmont a safer, healthier, more family friendly neighborhood. We in the Beechmont Neighborhood Association want to encourage your interest and we want to better empower you to do so with increased knowledge about our city and access to various resources to do so.

In this effort to do so, the BNA is offering up to ten scholarships to Beechmont BNA members to attend the upcoming Center For Neighborhoods Summit, Saturday, June 4th. In addition to the workshop sessions themselves, this will be a great opportunity to meet and network with government, local agency and other neighborhood leaders.

If we get your applications in by this Friday May20th , in addition to the Neighborhood Summit events and lunch, your scholarship will include free parking.

We are hoping to see all ten scholarships accepted and at our next BNA meeting in June, we would like to recognize those who have accepted our offer and attended the 2016 CFN Neighborhood Summit.

The first comment under this post is a flyer on the institute. The next two are the workshop listings and descriptions for the two morning breakout sessions. Further information can be obtained from the Center For Neighborhoods website.

If interested, contact me. Private message or email at I am working with CFN and BNA on the logistics of getting your BNA scholarships paid through enrollment on the CFN website.




BNA – Monthly Meeting for October

ejercito-de-calaveras-4139Monday October 19th, 7PM, Iroquois Library 601 W Woodlawn.. We need to get some new board members for next year.. Police Reports, upcoming events and more. Come on down. We promise it won’t be too scary.

Monthly BNA Meeting! Monday June 15th

130114_cn-arno-1_p465 Monday June 15th! Iroquois Library at 7PM… On the Agenda – Market Recap, Cliff Water Garden, Crime Reports, Truck Traffic Report, Summer Party planning, and the ever popular Approval of the Minutes.. All are Welcome!

LMPD Community Forum – THIS IS TOMORROW!

This is tomorrow! Free Food will be provided from Mark’s BBQ. LMPD will present information on how to secure your home and person. They will have examples of the various kinds of locks and low cost security systems you can get, also lots of safety tips. Please come out and get some BBQ and meet the officers!
Community Forum Flyer

Burglary MO – Be on the Lookout!

From: “Lee, Alex” <>
Date: March 26, 2015 at 2:45:36 PM EDT
Subject: Be on the look out for these type of suspicious activities.

Neighborhood Association members:

Please review the listed comments from our Burglary Sergeant Victor Szydlowski.  His unit has found a trend that we all need to keep an eye out for and also help our neighbors.  If you see any suspicious activities, please don’t hesitate to call the police.  Pass this on to others who may not have an email with the 4th Division DRO office.  Burglary unit and the beat officers captured two subjects yesterday Wednesday March 25, 2015, in the 4500 block Southern PKWY that had the similar MO.


Would you be so kind, to disseminate the following  information to your block watch and interested parties.

The last several arrests we have made on burglars; involved the suspects knocking on front door, and after no answer, going around back and kicking the door. The suspects have a well-rehearsed story of solicitation when confronted. We need the communities help if they see or encounter someone or illegitimate group going door to door, please call the police. In short, if you see something say something. One group utilized a look out for police. When a police car came by they hid from view.

Common denominator of those charged is Heroin. Please take the time to ask those arrested if they have any information on burglaries. Forward any information to Sgt. Szydlowski.


Officer Alex Lee

District Resource/Crime Prevention Officer

4th Division

1340 S 4th ST



New Crime Alert System

You are receiving this email because you currently subscribe to crime alerts & trends from Louisville Metro Police. Your current subscription will continue to be used to deliver messages about crime trends. However, we have a new and improved way for you to subscribe to a separate crime mapping tool which updates you when a crime has occurred around you. 

We have partnered with to provide Louisville citizens with a more robust solution for mapping crime.  You can expect more detail, better filtering and alerts as well. Please go to this webpage (pictured below) to sign up for the new crime notifications. There you enter your email address and the home or business address around which you want notifications and the types of crime you want to be notified of.

Should you have any questions, please email at Louisville Metro Police.


Thank you!

Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD)

crime mapping signup image

Beechmont Crime maps – Beechmont Safe Neighborhoods Committee

The following was compiled by Chris Alldredge for the Beechmont Safe Neighborhoods Committee. This is the presentation that was given at the last BNA Meeting. The data shows a reduction in crime year on year in the area, and also shows the areas where more of the crimes occur. In most instances, crime concentrates in areas that are well trafficked ( gas stations with easy access to the freeway eg. Thorntons) and areas that are paths to other places ( eg. schools to convenience and drugstores) and places where there are things to steal (business districts). These maps are interesting,  but note that the concentration is also dependent on reporting frequencies (lots of vandalism reports equal lots of heat). This is useful to the police to see both where they need to concentrate their efforts and to show where they are having some impact. Please take a look at the maps and also take some time to download and read the report. The data in these maps was collected by LMPD and Chris managed to create these maps. Here’s a link to the data if you want to look further ..  LMPD Crime Maps . Thanks to the committee for this project and special thanks to Chris for putting this together. To join this committee, contact Nancy Bowman-Denton at .

Click on the maps to enlarge:

Aug 2012-July2013

Aug 2012-July2013

Aug 2013-July 2014

Aug 2013-July 2014


Here is a link to the PDF of this report and the Heat maps .. BSNC Beechmont Crime Hot Spots