Better Block

Some great news for our neighborhood – Center for Neighborhoods has chosen the Woodlawn Avenue business district to jazz up this summer as a part of its Better Block program. Here’s some information from Center for Neighborhoods:

“Better Block is a temporary event that re-imagines a neighborhood block using low cost interventions, designed by the community. Community-centered programming, arts performances, shopping, and more are included to highlight the culture and unique identity of the local neighborhood. Center For Neighborhoods staff works closely with residents and stakeholders for months, supporting them in designing and creating the event elements.

Volunteers are critical to this process. Opportunities include during events, building street furniture, neighborhood cleanups, or the event itself. Become a partner today or sign up to volunteer! Sign up online:
or email or call us at 502-589-0343 .

This is part of a movement for enhanced community voice and the creation of more community spaces. Jason Roberts, the founder of Better Blocks Foundation, spoke at the Center For Neighborhoods’ 2016 Neighborhood Summit. Through community-led design, Better Block is making streets safer and reinvigorating neighborhood corridors around the world. Check out for more.”

Better Block is going to take place on June 15 and 16 this summer. Here’s an article or two if you want to see what Center for Neighborhoods was able to accomplish with their last Better Block – Shelby Park.  

better block flyer