Center for Neighborhoods Summit – Scholarships

Many of you have expressed an interest in getting involved in making Beechmont a safer, healthier, more family friendly neighborhood. We in the Beechmont Neighborhood Association want to encourage your interest and we want to better empower you to do so with increased knowledge about our city and access to various resources to do so.

In this effort to do so, the BNA is offering up to ten scholarships to Beechmont BNA members to attend the upcoming Center For Neighborhoods Summit, Saturday, June 4th. In addition to the workshop sessions themselves, this will be a great opportunity to meet and network with government, local agency and other neighborhood leaders.

If we get your applications in by this Friday May20th , in addition to the Neighborhood Summit events and lunch, your scholarship will include free parking.

We are hoping to see all ten scholarships accepted and at our next BNA meeting in June, we would like to recognize those who have accepted our offer and attended the 2016 CFN Neighborhood Summit.

The first comment under this post is a flyer on the institute. The next two are the workshop listings and descriptions for the two morning breakout sessions. Further information can be obtained from the Center For Neighborhoods website.

If interested, contact me. Private message or email at I am working with CFN and BNA on the logistics of getting your BNA scholarships paid through enrollment on the CFN website.




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