Meet Your Farmer – Pendletons

This weeks review by Katie Carter:

Farmers: John Pendleton

Farm: Pendleton Farms

Products to try: eggs, honey, corn


Although this is Pendleton Farms, you probably know Bill rather than Mr. Pendleton. Bill and his granddaughter have been working the Beechmont Open Air Market for Mr. Pendleton for the last five years. They enjoy coming back because “the people are friendly, you never meet a stranger, and the atmosphere feels like home.”


While Bill and his granddaughter stay busy in Beechmont, Mr. Pendleton sets up at the market at the Valley High School parking lot. He divides his farmland between Valley Station, where he has 27 acres, and in Meade County, where he has 100.20150808_092624


You will often find customers lined up Saturday morning for Mr. Pendleton’s eggs and corn. In fact if you aren’t there before 10:00 a.m., you may miss out on both. Part of the appeal of the corn is probably that it’s picked that morning. The corn comes from Meade County and the eggs come from chickens in Valley Station.


In addition to the famous honey, eggs, and corn, Beechmont neighbors will also regularly find cucumbers, cabbage, squash and melons at the stand.


Stop by and say hi to Bill and his granddaughter this Saturday at the Beechmont Open Air Market at the corner of Southern Parkway and Wellington. Get there early if you want eggs or corn!


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