Meet Your Farmer : The Reids

Another in a series by Katie Carter

Farmers: Kenny and Angie Reid

Farm: Reid’s Produce

Produce to try: tomatoes, green beans, kale, eggplant, peppers, watermelons, plus Angie makes salsas, relishes, and pickles.


The whole family is involved in Reid’s Produce. Every Saturday you will usually see Angie or Kenny, along with one of Angie’s children, Denver or Jesse, selling their wide array of vegetables, fresh cut flowers, and pickles and jams.The Reids also participate in the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, providing food assistance to senior citizens, and started accepting SNAP (food stamps) this year too. 20150808_092221

The Reids grow most of their vegetables in Bullitt County about a half mile off the Bernheim exit at Kenny’s mother’s home. They grow on about eight acres and it’s where Kenny keeps his tractors, so it’s easier for the family to grow there than in Bardstown where they live. At their residence in Bardstown, they have four small gardens.


It takes the entire of family of four to keep up with the produce. They all work the gardens by weeding, picking, tilling, fighting bugs, wiping vegetables, and dealing with the weather. Denver and Jesse are a very big part of the farmers market. They not only do the gardening, but have their own business with 150 chickens selling eggs. Angie started home-schooling them when they started doing farmers markets five years ago. It went much smoother and the kids liked it better with their lifestyle.


Angie initially started doing farmers market on a smaller scale with her mom, and Jesse and Denver helped only with the Bardstown market, which is 3 days a week. Their involvement grew as the Bardstown market grew. Angie wasn’t growing enough to supply their customers in Bardstown with produce three days a week, so they expanded their gardens. Angie hoped doing the farmers market would give her quality time with her mom, daughter and son. She said “These days everyone in families go in all different directions. The market is hard work, no doubt, but has allowed us quality time, taught our kids approved character traits like work ethics, business sense, handling the public, handling money, and yes eating crow when you have an unhappy customer. Of course we do get under each other’s skin but in the long run my hope is the kids will look back and say remember when….”


In addition to helping with the produce and working with her brother to raise chickens and collect eggs, Jesse also raises rabbits and sells them to the Harrison Smith House, a fine dining restaurant in Bardstown. Jesse works at the restaurant as well.


This is the third year the Reids have been at the Beechmont Open Air Market, and they love meeting people and seeing their customers. There are times when they feel like they have too much on their plate and have even considered quitting the Beechmont Market. Angie’s husband helps consistently with the Beechmont market, which is difficult because he is also a heavy equipment operator in Indiana, cuts hay, and raises soybeans and corn. They keep coming back to the Beechmont market because they love the people, love the atmosphere, and appreciate the business.

Be sure to stop by the Beechmont Open Air Market Saturday and meet Angie, Kenny, Denver and Jesse. At least two of them will be at their tent. Angie also regularly provides samples of her produce and recipes for you to try at home.


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