Meet Your Farmer: Sorrell’s Produce

Katie Carter profiles Mr. Sorrell this week:

Farmer: Donald Sorrell

Farm: Sorrell’s Produce

Produce to try: beans, tomatoes, beets, candy onions

20150704_105020 (1) 20150704_105026


During the 2014 Beechmont Open Air Market, many customers were disappointed when Mr. Sorrell was not selling his produce and providing his soft-spoken humor. This summer, he’s back in full force and his regular customers are back as well.


Donald Sorrell of Sorrell’s Produce was one of the first producers at the market. He found out about it through the neighborhood Flower Festival in the mid-2000’s.


Mr. Sorrell worked at RC Bottling Company for years. Ever since he’s had a place to garden and retired from the bottling company, he’s gardened. His garden is about an acre and a half in Bardstown and he also sells at the Bardstown market.


Customers show their appreciation for Mr. Sorrell, which is one reason he keeps coming back to sell his produce in Beechmont. They comment on his vegetables and he appreciates the nice market management.


Mr. Sorrell avoids using chemicals as much as possible on his produce. For example, he uses cornmeal to keep pests off the cabbage. He also sells beans, tomatoes, beets, candy onions, cucumbers, corn, potatoes, and will have pumpkins in the fall.


If you aren’t already a regular, stop by the Beechmont Open Air Market this Saturday at the corner of Southern Parkway and Wellington. Mr. Sorrell will be there selling his produce with the help of his middle son.


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