Know Your Farmer : Marvin’s Garden Produce

Another profile of our Beechmont Open Air Market producer by Katie Carter

Farmer: Mike Mayberry
Farm: Marvin’s Garden Produce
Find them on the web: Blog: Facebook:
Produce to try: peas, including shell peas and edible pea pods; cherry tomatoes; carrots; Happy Rich broccoli – a smaller variety of broccoli that tastes better.

20150704_101011 20150704_101001

When you see Mike Mayberry at his stand, he is often munching on the raw vegetables he is selling that day. Mike likes to eat produce that has the best flavor, that’s why you will some unique things at his stand, and why he will never sell things he doesn’t love to eat himself.

Mike is a smaller grower and doesn’t have the same quantity of produce as many of the other growers at the market. He gardens an acre in his girlfriend’s backyard in Shively. He first came to the Beechmont Open Air Market to shop in 2013 and realized he might be able to sell some additional, unique produce. The market is also one of the closest to his garden. He started selling his produce in 2014 and loves the support of the neighbors and seeing his regular customers every Saturday.

While Mike only grows things he likes, he is particularly proud of his peas – both pods and shell peas; cherry tomatoes, carrots; and Happy Rich broccoli, a smaller variety that includes an edible stalk. He recommends enjoying a lot of the produce raw, but the Happy Rich broccoli is great in a stir-fry. “I’m open to ideas about other things to be growing. Also, if someone buys something and doesn’t like it, tell me about it.”

Mike also operates a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Customers can buy shares and will receive a box of produce from Marvin’s Garden Produce every week. Mike regularly includes recipe ideas and produce information on his Facebook page and blog.

Stop by the Beechmont Open Air Market this Saturday at the corner of Southern Parkway and Wellington. Mike will be there selling his unique produce, as well as his homemade muffins.


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