Meet Your Farmer: Sorrell’s Produce

Katie Carter profiles Mr. Sorrell this week:

Farmer: Donald Sorrell

Farm: Sorrell’s Produce

Produce to try: beans, tomatoes, beets, candy onions

20150704_105020 (1) 20150704_105026


During the 2014 Beechmont Open Air Market, many customers were disappointed when Mr. Sorrell was not selling his produce and providing his soft-spoken humor. This summer, he’s back in full force and his regular customers are back as well.


Donald Sorrell of Sorrell’s Produce was one of the first producers at the market. He found out about it through the neighborhood Flower Festival in the mid-2000’s.


Mr. Sorrell worked at RC Bottling Company for years. Ever since he’s had a place to garden and retired from the bottling company, he’s gardened. His garden is about an acre and a half in Bardstown and he also sells at the Bardstown market.


Customers show their appreciation for Mr. Sorrell, which is one reason he keeps coming back to sell his produce in Beechmont. They comment on his vegetables and he appreciates the nice market management.


Mr. Sorrell avoids using chemicals as much as possible on his produce. For example, he uses cornmeal to keep pests off the cabbage. He also sells beans, tomatoes, beets, candy onions, cucumbers, corn, potatoes, and will have pumpkins in the fall.


If you aren’t already a regular, stop by the Beechmont Open Air Market this Saturday at the corner of Southern Parkway and Wellington. Mr. Sorrell will be there selling his produce with the help of his middle son.


Know Your Farmer : Marvin’s Garden Produce

Another profile of our Beechmont Open Air Market producer by Katie Carter

Farmer: Mike Mayberry
Farm: Marvin’s Garden Produce
Find them on the web: Blog: Facebook:
Produce to try: peas, including shell peas and edible pea pods; cherry tomatoes; carrots; Happy Rich broccoli – a smaller variety of broccoli that tastes better.

20150704_101011 20150704_101001

When you see Mike Mayberry at his stand, he is often munching on the raw vegetables he is selling that day. Mike likes to eat produce that has the best flavor, that’s why you will some unique things at his stand, and why he will never sell things he doesn’t love to eat himself.

Mike is a smaller grower and doesn’t have the same quantity of produce as many of the other growers at the market. He gardens an acre in his girlfriend’s backyard in Shively. He first came to the Beechmont Open Air Market to shop in 2013 and realized he might be able to sell some additional, unique produce. The market is also one of the closest to his garden. He started selling his produce in 2014 and loves the support of the neighbors and seeing his regular customers every Saturday.

While Mike only grows things he likes, he is particularly proud of his peas – both pods and shell peas; cherry tomatoes, carrots; and Happy Rich broccoli, a smaller variety that includes an edible stalk. He recommends enjoying a lot of the produce raw, but the Happy Rich broccoli is great in a stir-fry. “I’m open to ideas about other things to be growing. Also, if someone buys something and doesn’t like it, tell me about it.”

Mike also operates a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Customers can buy shares and will receive a box of produce from Marvin’s Garden Produce every week. Mike regularly includes recipe ideas and produce information on his Facebook page and blog.

Stop by the Beechmont Open Air Market this Saturday at the corner of Southern Parkway and Wellington. Mike will be there selling his unique produce, as well as his homemade muffins.

Beechmont Garden Club – Landscapes at the Library

Thanks to these ladies, the garden beds around the Iroquois Library are always in good shape.. They did their latest work today. Thanks also to Buddy Eiden who donated some hibiscus and a yucca plant today.

IMG_20150723_113114049 IMG_20150723_113135599IMG_20150723_113210054 (1)

Early Beechmont!


6th Annual Taste of South Louisville – SLCM – August 22nd

11428165_893601534029472_2084904157324822358_oSouth Louisville Community Ministries (SLCM) 6th Annual Taste of South Louisville
Saturday, August 22, 2015 6:00-8:30 p.m.
Churchill Downs Millionaires Row 4
Advance Ticket Sales: July 27-August 21, 10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m, M-F, SLCM offices,

415 ½ W. Ashland Ave., Lou., KY 40214 or by mail

Prices: Advance Sales Adult ages 12 and up – $25; Children 5-11/$5, Ages 4 & under – free; At door of event $30

Please bring canned goods to event to help neighbors in crisis

Restaurants and businesses of South Louisville and surrounding areas will be showcased.

There will be Door Prizes and a large Silent Auction!

For information, call SLCM, 502/361-7763.

Participants last year:

Comfy Cow Ice Cream
Dalat’s Gateaux & Cafe
Dino’s Grocery & Market
Famous Dave’s
Flavors Catering
Franco’s Restaurant
Gumby’s Catering
Levy Rest., Churchill Downs
Little Jerusalem Lone
Wolf Family Sports Pub
Louisville Water Co.
PRP Pizza
Seven-Up Bottling Group
Shack in the Back
Sunergos Coffee
Tuscany Italian Restaurant
Vietnam Kitchen

BNA Monthly Meeting – Monday July 20th 6pm

great-business-meeting-and-presentationYo! Different Location and Time !
Our next meeting is Monday at 6 pm at the Beechmont community center. 205 W Wellington. Director Kevin Kinney will be giving us a tour of the center at the beginning of the meeting and will be available to answer any questions people have at that time. After that we will have our regular meeting.

Farmer of the Week : Nelson Escobar – La Minga Cooperative Farm

Once again Katie Carter interviews the Farmer of the Week…

Farmer: Nelson Escobar

Farm: La Minga Cooperative Farm

Find them on the web:

Produce to try: green garlic, potatoes, chipilin, amaranth greens


This is Nelson Escobar’s first year at the Beechmont Open Air Market, and he’s glad he starting setting up his tent there. He enjoys the environment, especially music and food vendors, and looks forward to seeing some of his regular customers, who come looking for his purple, red, and yellow potatoes and green garlic.

So how does someone use green garlic, which looks like a bigger, sturdier green onion? Nelson suggests using it like regular garlic. It’s less pungent than the garlic you find in the grocery. He also recommends coating the whole thing in olive oil and salt and grilling it. 20150704_093514

Nelson brings some other, unique produce to the Beechmont Open Air market. While he’s most known for his potatoes and green garlic, he also brings chipilin, a legume with delicate, edible leaves. You can use it to flavor soups or add to quesadillas, as Nelson recommends. You can read more about it here: I tried it in a quesadilla by pulling off the leaves and mixing them with shredded cheddar cheese. I then put it in a tortilla, folded it in half, and heated it in a skillet. He also sells amaranth greens, which can be sauteed with green garlic and olive oil, as you might cook spinach or kale, and delicate squash blossoms, which can be filled with cheese and baked or fried. Later in the season, Nelson will also have dried Bull’s Blood beans (a variety of kidney bean), and jicama. 20150704_093520

Originally from El Salvador, Nelson Escobar came to the United States nine years ago and has been farming for the last eight years. He started a garden in his backyard which has since grown into a full cooperative farm located in Prospect on the Jefferson/ Oldham County line. La Minga farm follows permaculture principles, a movement to make farming more sustainable and to follow older traditions, like composting and using that compost, only tilling vegetables that need it, and finding natural ways to combat pests and fungi. For example, Nelson has been having trouble with beetles on his prized potatoes, so he uses a spray made out of hot peppers and garlic to combat the pests. The farmers also try to use heirloom seeds whenever possible.

If you are looking to experiment with some new produce, be sure to stop by La Minga’s tent. You might pick up some new cooking tricks too.


Find Nelson and all of the other wonderful farmers this Saturday at the Beechmont Open Air Market, 8:00 a.m. – noon, at the corner of Wellington and Southern Parkway.