Burglary MO – Be on the Lookout!

From: “Lee, Alex” <Alex.Lee@louisvilleky.gov>
Date: March 26, 2015 at 2:45:36 PM EDT
Subject: Be on the look out for these type of suspicious activities.

Neighborhood Association members:

Please review the listed comments from our Burglary Sergeant Victor Szydlowski.  His unit has found a trend that we all need to keep an eye out for and also help our neighbors.  If you see any suspicious activities, please don’t hesitate to call the police.  Pass this on to others who may not have an email with the 4th Division DRO office.  Burglary unit and the beat officers captured two subjects yesterday Wednesday March 25, 2015, in the 4500 block Southern PKWY that had the similar MO.


Would you be so kind, to disseminate the following  information to your block watch and interested parties.

The last several arrests we have made on burglars; involved the suspects knocking on front door, and after no answer, going around back and kicking the door. The suspects have a well-rehearsed story of solicitation when confronted. We need the communities help if they see or encounter someone or illegitimate group going door to door, please call the police. In short, if you see something say something. One group utilized a look out for police. When a police car came by they hid from view.

Common denominator of those charged is Heroin. Please take the time to ask those arrested if they have any information on burglaries. Forward any information to Sgt. Szydlowski.


Officer Alex Lee

District Resource/Crime Prevention Officer

4th Division

1340 S 4th ST





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