Americana 2014 Recap


In 2014,
• 40 families were served in the Family Education Program.
• 31 parents participated in Family Coaching.
• 39.8% of adults increased their English language level.
• 87% of parents in coaching made steps toward reaching their goals.
• 100 % of the Early Childhood Participants (Pre-K) scored at the highest level in the county of English language Proficiency.
• 100% of our High School Seniors graduated and enrolled in college.
• 306 youth participated in the Youth Program.
• 75.5% of enrollment attended regularly (defined as a minimum of 3 days per week).
• 82% of program participants in grades 6-12 ended the year with a 2.5 or greater GPA.
• The average rate of school attendance for ACC program participants was 96.3%.
• 70 adults completed classes and became US citizens.
• 4 Youth Program participants going into high school received full scholarships to Saint Francis High School, and the West End School. Another participant was accepted into the prestigious YPASS Music Program at DuPont Manual High School.
• 186 clients were served through our VITA programming this year.
• Over 460 individuals gained access to health care through KYNECT partnership.
• Family Coaches led their clients to complete 96 steps and 32 goals.
• Youth Programming curriculum was expanded to incorporate a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math focus, and the summer program included weekly workshops and labs with a retired NASA Technician.

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And thank you for being a part of Our Americana!


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