BNA Board Elections – Vote Monday Nov.17th


Board Elections are November 17th 6:30 pm at the Firehouse on Ashland Ave. at 5th Street.

We have 13 Board Positions – 9 Board members returning and 4 open slots..

Current BNA Board Members who wish to continue to serve:

Debbie Thompson – 4834 SOUTHERN PKWY

Joan Shepherd – 605 W ASHLAND AVE

Gary Guss – 4510 S 6TH ST

Betsy Ruhe – 4553 SOUTHERN PKWY

Chris Otts – 4620 BELLEVUE AVE

Jeff Miller – 1014 W ASHLAND AVE

Nancy Bowman-Denton — 616 W ASHLAND AVE

Linda Taylor l — 4618 S 6TH ST

John Wardlaw — 4932 SOUTHERN PKWY

Confirmed New Candidates:

Wesley Emly – 214 OTTAWA AVE

Scott Allgood – 109 W WELLINGTON AVE

Tamara Brown – 1200 BROOKLINE AVE

Katie Carter – 4620 BELLEVUE AVE (Katie is married to current Board Member, Chris Otts)

Rich Galvin – 4508 S 2ND ST

Mitch Burmeister – 4842 BELLEVUE AVE


Thanks for your Service  to: Dottie Krause, Laura Hosbach, Kevin Steller, and Rick Pickerill who are leaving the board this year.


BNA Committees: (seats to be filled at first meeting of the year in January)

Special Committees: Business Committee; Farmers Market Committee (Headed by Donna and Rick Pickerell); Property Improvement Committee; Safe Neighborhoods Committee

Regular Committees: Nominating Committee; Membership Committee; Beautification Committee; Publicity Committee; Public Affairs Committee; Special Events Committee; Planning Committee


Section 1 Powers

The Board of Directors shall be empowered to conduct the business and affairs of the BNA, including but not limited to the acquisition and disposal of property, the hiring and firing of staff, and all other rights provided by statute.

Section 2 Membership

a) The Board of Directors shall be made up of thirteen (13) members.

b) There should be at least (1) Director from each neighborhood district. (Operative word being “should“ but depends solely on candidates coming forward from each neighborhood district).

c) Directors shall at all times be members in good standing of the BNA.

Section 3 Term of Office

The Directors shall serve for a one-year term or until their successors are elected.

Section 10 Election and Installation

a) The Directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting.

b) In order to qualify a person must be a member in good standing.

c) No elected official may serve on the Board.

d) A list of the candidates and their qualifications shall be presented in the BNA newsletter along with the notice of the Annual Meeting and sent to the members at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting. (This did not occur this year due to changes made to newsletter distribution and schedule).

e) Election shall be by a plurality vote with each member entitled to cast as many votes as there are vacancies to be filled.

f) Nominations shall be prepared by the Nominating Committee in advance of the election. Additional candidates may be placed in nomination by any member and one second from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

g) The Directors shall take office at the first Board meeting following the Annual Meeting.



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