Americana Fiberworks – Xmas is coming!

*NEW* Fiberworks Hours:

Mondays: 12:30p – 3:30p

Fridays: 12:30p – 3:30p

Saturdays: 10a-1p

Americana Fiberworks is a women’s arts and educational group designed to support the positive integration of refugee and immigrant women into the Louisville community using a common interest in the fiber arts. Participants help one another develop confidence, skills, and resources necessary to identify and pursue goals for themselves and their families as they adapt to their new home in Louisville.

Fiberworks’ program members focus on:

Increasing literacy skills
Developing talents in fiber arts
Fostering a supportive social network
Promoting the microenterprise goals of the group

The women in our Fiberworks program sell their art at community events to supplement their families’ incomes. Fiberworks goods can be found at many local arts festivals. Fiberworks is also proud to partner with 21C Museum Hotel, who showcase tissue-box covers made by the women in the Fiberworks program in all their guest rooms and also sells the covers in their gift shop. Proceeds from these sales provide the Fiberworks artists with additional income and increased self-confidence.

For updated news and to purchase products, please visit the Fiberworks blog!.

Volunteers are a valuable part of the Fiberworks program!

act as an English language practice partner
assist with arts projects
care for children during the sessions

Have a fiber arts skill you’d like to share? Or would you like to donate supplies for the women to use? To get involved please contact Belissa at 502-366-7813 or e-mail her at

Or visit the center! Sit in on a session, meet the artists, and browse through our new products.
Shop well this year.

Want to buy gifts this holiday season that are ethically produced, locally made, and handcrafted? Looking for presents to please the special people your life and make an impact on the lives of others? If so, check out Americana Fiberworks! We have a variety of beautiful, practical, and reasonably priced fiber arts products that are handmade by local refugee and immigrant women. Each purchase supports not only the Fiberworks program, which provides a space for the women to learn new skills, practice English, and build a new social…
read more
Do you love working with kids?

Then we need you! If you have visited the Americana Fiberworks room recently, you might have noticed several sewing machines busily whirring, many swaths of fabric covering the table, and numerous women eagerly showing off the beautiful bags, clothes, and other crafts they have made. You would have noticed, in other words, that Fiberworks is growing! The increasing vibrancy of Fiberworks is fantastic, but it also means that there are more young children romping around the art room as their mothers sew. We are looking for volunteers…


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