Do’s & Don’ts of Historic Preservation


Hands on History Workshop – October 11, 2014
The Do’s and Don’ts of Historic Restorations


The Brennan House
631 S. Fifth Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Saturday October 11, 2014
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST
About Hands on History:
Hands on History is an educational series designed to give participants a hands-on, in-depth overview of various preservation issues and methods of maintinaing and preserving historic buildings. Preservation Louisville is co-sponsoring this workshop series with Metro Louisville Heritage Council/State Historic Preservation Office. Programs are presented with support from the Brown-Forman Corporation.

Other Upcoming Events:

HP Tax

Historic Preservation Tax Credit Workshop

Saturday October 18, 2014 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST

Preservation Louisville, Inc. is co-sponsoring Historic Preservation Tax Credit Workshops in partnership with the Kentucky Heritage Council / State Historic Preservation Office. Offered quarterly, these workshops assist property owners and businesses with applying for state and federal historic preservation tax credits.

Preservation Louisville

Do’s and Don’ts of 

Historic Restorations

October 11, 2014

Guest Speaker: Gary Kleier, AIA 

Led by architect Gary Kleier, the workshop will explore components of a historic home and highlight how preservation can be the ultimate in “green” living. With 33 years of experience, and specialties in historic renovation, restoration, and applying green concepts in historic structures, Kleier is sure to help those dealing with rehabilitation issues in a historic home who are interested in achieving the most environmentally friendly results in the most cost efficient manner.


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Our “Do’s and Don’ts of Renovations” Workshop is part of the Hands on History Series. Preservation Louisville will be hosting a workshop every second Saturday of the month from 1pm until 4pm. Join us next month for Stained Glass Preservation!


As a Metro Louisville citywide non-profit historic preservation organization,
Preservation Louisville works in partnership with local, state and national organizations to promote the preservation of our community’s historic resources through education and advocacy. Preservation Louisville also provides education, technical information and resources.

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