Beechmont Crime maps – Beechmont Safe Neighborhoods Committee

The following was compiled by Chris Alldredge for the Beechmont Safe Neighborhoods Committee. This is the presentation that was given at the last BNA Meeting. The data shows a reduction in crime year on year in the area, and also shows the areas where more of the crimes occur. In most instances, crime concentrates in areas that are well trafficked ( gas stations with easy access to the freeway eg. Thorntons) and areas that are paths to other places ( eg. schools to convenience and drugstores) and places where there are things to steal (business districts). These maps are interesting,  but note that the concentration is also dependent on reporting frequencies (lots of vandalism reports equal lots of heat). This is useful to the police to see both where they need to concentrate their efforts and to show where they are having some impact. Please take a look at the maps and also take some time to download and read the report. The data in these maps was collected by LMPD and Chris managed to create these maps. Here’s a link to the data if you want to look further ..  LMPD Crime Maps . Thanks to the committee for this project and special thanks to Chris for putting this together. To join this committee, contact Nancy Bowman-Denton at .

Click on the maps to enlarge:

Aug 2012-July2013

Aug 2012-July2013

Aug 2013-July 2014

Aug 2013-July 2014


Here is a link to the PDF of this report and the Heat maps .. BSNC Beechmont Crime Hot Spots





2 Responses

  1. I liked the other maps of crimes in Beechmont. These did not spell the crimes committed.

    • This is a summary reprt of where the crime intensity areas are in the neighborhood. This shows a reduction of crime year on year. It is not meant to take the place of the regular crime maps generated by LMPD. I’m having trouble getting those as the dept is down in resources and has stopped generating them. I’m trying to get them started again and I’ll post them if I can get them.

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