Support Your Local Farmers at Beechmont Open Air Market

LocalHarvest Newsletter, August 28, 2014

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter.

Someone once told me never to ask a farmer about their career choice in August. By this point in the summer, most produce farmers are tired, if not downright weary. Too much worry about weather and bugs and money for one summer. Too many 14 hour days in the heat. Too much uncertainty and guesswork. By the time they have to lift a few tons of melons out of a field in August, some farmers say, “Never again!”

At least quietly, to themselves. Luckily for us, most get rested enough over the winter to go back out and do it again.

Fall is the traditional time to give thanks for the year’s harvest, but it seems to me that we should also do so in the heat of summer. What better time than August to express appreciation to the people who produce summer’s bounty? Starting now.

To all the family farmers and all the farmworkers:

We are so lucky to get to eat the food you grow! Thank you for all the work that goes into it – the long days and endless tasks, the freezing hands and aching back. We appreciate your willingness to take risks and tolerate financial uncertainty. For your labor, skill and perseverance, we are grateful.

Most of all, thank you for the beautiful food. Eating it makes us feel healthy. We who have access to such magnificent produce are truly fortunate. We give thanks for the food, and for all the hands and hearts who nurture it from seed to table.

— With love from local farm fans everywhere

Hopefully our deep appreciation will give the farmers who receive it a measure of the sustenance their food brings to us. And later, with any luck, they can sit down and crack open one of those beautiful watermelons and enjoy it for themselves.

Until next time, take good care and eat well,

Erin Barnett


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