Beechmont Garden Club – Weeding at Iroquois Library

Did you ever wonder who takes care of the garden at the library? Here are the members of the Beechmont Garden Club, weeding and landscaping the Library grounds to get ready for the 75th Anniversary celebration on Saturday. They provided all of the plants and the mulch as well as doing the weeding

2014-08-21 11.50.19 2014-08-21 11.50.07 2014-08-21 11.50.51

The Beechmont Garden club has been in existence even longer than the library, it was organized in 1933 and federated in 1934.

The garden club has been landscaping the library for many years. They meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10am usually in the library basement, but also have field trips, social events, and garden tours.
If you have an interest in gardening, you can contact President Janie Kanzler at 459-8894. You don’t have to live in the neighborhood to become a member. The Beechmont Garden Club is a member of the National Garden Club and the Garden Clubs of Kentucky.

Thanks to these folks for making our library look good for it’s big day on Saturday!


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