Volunteers Needed for Ironman!

louisville medals.pngAs I type, we’re within 7 days of wrapping up the 2014 edition of Ironman
Louisville.  This email is meant to prepare you a little more, encourage you a
little more and get you to help us recruit a little more.

1.  We’ve said it before … we’ll say it again … please PREPARE as much as possible
for your volunteer position(s).
”  Where will you park?  Please check www.ironmanlouisville.com for street
closures, course maps, etc…
”  Where do you check-in and get your volunteer t-shirt?
If you’re out on the course, you check-in with your group leader/captain.
If you’re in the transition or swim start/finish area, you check-in at the volunteer
tent in transition (the Great Lawn).
If you are in the Convention Center or Finish Line, you’ll check in at the volunteer
tent located on the corner of 4th & Liberty.
”  What should you bring?  Right now, the high is predicted to be in the low
90’s with plentiful sunshine.  Most of you will be outside.  All I can say is that you
know how you best deal with heat.  We should have plenty of water & supplies
for you.  But just in case, please come prepared with water, sunscreen, a hat,
”  When should you show up?  PLEASE try to be early for your shift.  That will
insure you have plenty of time to park, check-in, get your volunteer shirt on, get
any questions answered & learn a little about what you’ll be doing.
”  Who should you look for to know what to do & how to do it?  Hopefully,
when you check-in, they will make you aware of who to look for and/or where to
find who you’re looking for.  That being said, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK A
QUESTION.  What isn’t asked cannot be answered.

2.  I like to say that there’s a reason Louisville has the reputation of having the
best volunteers at any Ironman event.  It is because we have the perfect blend of
southern hospitality combined with northern intensity.  Therefore we are able to
see a need and meet that need quickly … all while being NICE.
I want to encourage you to help us keep that reputation.
Even if things get a little chaotic, hot, sweaty and frustrating … do whatever
you must to keep your cool, meet the needs of the athletes and be NICE & polite.
If a spectator, athlete, athlete family member, friend, other volunteer … etc … is
being rude or confrontational, PLEASE do not reflect their attitude back to them.
Nicely let them know you’ll do your best to handle the situation asap, remove
yourself from the situation & contact your job captain, group leader or closest
Ironman Staff person.
You are a volunteer.  My sincere hope is that you have an incredibly positive
and rewarding experience.  Trying to handle a sensitive conflict isn’t in your job
description.  PLEASE pass those situations along so you can focus on what you
need to focus on.

3.  At I type, we still have some VERY significant volunteer needs.  We need your
help to try & fill these spots before Wednesday.  PLEASE ask neighbors, friends,
co-workers, church members, relatives, etc&  Anyone who is available, see if
they are willing.  Then send them to the website & www.ironmanlouisville.com.
”  Saturday, Aug 23 & 11am  6pm & BIKE & GEAR CHECK-IN.  This is at the
transition area at the Great Lawn.  You simply escort/help the athletes as they
check-in their bikes and gear.  There are actually 2 shifts within that time frame.
Right now, we need about 30 folks in the early shift and over 50 in the later
”  Sunday, Aug 24 & Various Times & RUN/BIKE COURSE POINTERS.  These
folks are placed around the Run and Bike Course to keep the athletes on course,
keep them safe & keep them encouraged.  At this point, we still need over 50
volunteers for this.
”  Sunday, Aug 24 & 8:45am-2:30pm & LAGRANGE FESTIVAL CROWD
CONTROL.  Very simply, a volunteer in Lagrange helps control pedestrian traffic.
It is amazing how people can misjudge crossing the street in front of oncoming
bike traffic.  This is a great spot for those who want a front row seat and see the
cyclists up close.
”  Sunday, Aug 24 & 7am-10am & 11am-3:30pm & 3pm-6pm & MENS &
WOMENS CHANGING TENTS.  As always, one of our last minute needs is in our
changing tents.  This position requires volunteers to directly meet the needs of
many of our athletes.  If they need help, you basically do whatever necessary to
meet their needs.  There are over 60 spots available in the MENs tent and almost
20 spots in the WOMENS.

Things will become busier & busier over the coming week.  If you have any
questions or concerns, please try to make contact before Wednesday.  Were
sincerely looking forward to working alongside you again to make Ironman
Louisville 2014 a success.

Some of you may hear from either me, your job captain or your group leader
with more specifics in the next few days.  If not, remember to be early for your
shift, wear appropriate shoes (if your toes are showing, you may want to rethink
it) & come prepared!!!

See you soon!!!

David Buckner
Director of Volunteers
Ironman Louisville


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