At the Market – August 16th Them Travelin’ Birds

Now Playing, At the Beechmont Open Air Market

Them Travelin’ Birds  August 16th.


Them Travelin’ Birds- 10 months and counting rambling the U.S. out of their minivan!

Cassandra O’Connor and Tracy Hui of “Them Travelin’ Birds” began their D.I.Y. tour of the continental U.S 10- months ago in Oakland, California. After starting to play music together a few months beforehand, the duo took a daring leap of faith and hit the road with a handful tunes and a little busking experience.

Over the past nine months the roots/americana/folk duo has performed hundreds of times: at pubs, farmers markets, clubs, campgrounds, house shows, private pool parties, homeless shelters, cafes, theaters, a fifth grade classroom, and the familiar street corners.

They play a unique mix of old time tunes, folk, bluegrass, world, and original narratives culled from the road. Because of their rich, super tight harmonies many listeners and fans have assumed that they’ve spent years singing together even to the point of being mistaken for brother and sister.

Cassandra began writing songs and playing guitar less than three years ago after catching a bad case of the blues while working in Paraguay. She had previously immersed herself in the night club dance scene (Salsa/Dancehall/ Blues Fusion etc) throughout California and the world but turned to playing music when she found that no one danced Salsa in countryside in Paraguay! But they did play guitar. She would cajole the local musicians into playing guitar so she could sing her heart out. Then one day a guitarist simply told her. ” You need to learn to play yourself.”

Tracy sings and plays a unique, self taught style of four string Banjo while playing percussion with his feet. His playing at times is mistaken for a five string banjo and a mandolin. Many older and accomplished musicians including a bluegrass hall of fame inductee, have been had to do a complete double take, impressed by the array of sounds coming from his four string.

They’ve developed their group sound on the road: along the California coast, through the southwest deserts, Austin, Nashville, in Cajun country and most importantly in the numerous jam sessions they participated in throughout Appalachia.

(The duo say they have met all kinds of people from all different parts of society who have decided to escape the daily grid, and forge their own lives. “We play a lot of farmers’ markets, and everybody’s kind of going into a ‘do it yourself’ kind of thing. It’s a broad spectrum of people, too. As broad as whoever will be kind enough to take us in.” Hui recalls a 72-year-old retired accountant in Louisiana who took them in, and, Hui says, “was super warm and open. Regardless of politics or ideology, it’s like, a lot of people are getting back to, you know, having their own chickens.”) excerpt from Worcester Magazine.
The duo has no plans to halt their indefinite rambling…



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