Police Forum – Tuesday June 24th 7PM Beechmont Community Center

The BNA Board, in response to the neighborhood’s request for more police action asked Bryan Mathews/Dan Johnson to set this up:

We have set up a forum for your neighborhood with the Police to be held on Tuesday, June 24th, at 7:00.  The meeting will be held in the cafeteria of the Beechmont Community Center 205 W Wellington Ave.  There are several activities taking place at the community center so please inform your guests to allow extra time in case parking is an issue.  Could you please help spread the word via your social media and email distribution lists?  Thanks for your excellent suggestion and the Councilman looks forward to this opportunity to bring the neighborhood, police, and Councilman’s office together for this valuable discussion.  – Bryan Mathews

We expect Kim Kraezig, the Commander of the Louisville Metro Police’s 4th Division, to be on hand and also a member of LMPD’s VIPER unit if possible.

Your part in this is to please attend and bring your questions and concerns to the table.

Let’s try and have a good turnout for this forum.



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