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donor Makes It Easy to Donate Your “Stuff” to a Local Organization in Need

I am sure most every person reading this article can take a quick look around their home or office and find several items they no longer use. These same items are likely needed by many charitable organizations around our community. The challenge that we as individuals and businesses have always faced is how or where to donate these items so they make into the right hands and do the most good. How can each of us more easily meet the need in our community? was launched in Greater Louisville in July 2012 to help provide an answer to this question. We are an on-line hub and nonprofit directory you can use to easily find an organization close to home that needs the items you have to give. There are about 100 organizations utilizing to find in-kind donations (donations of stuff). This means that when you post an item for donation on our site, you will be contacted by a local organization that needs what you have to give. You can also rest assured that your donation is tax deductible since every organization utilizing is required to be classified as tax-exempt by the IRS. is here to encourage people and businesses in our community to help meet the need. Please post an item for donation today by logging onto our website at and clicking on the big, pink “DONATE” button. You can also follow us on Facebook at Please contact Susan Spalding, Community Director, at (502) 338-6733 or at with questions.



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