Local Harvest Seed Giveaway

Get Ready to Garden Beechmonters !


Dear LocalHarvest Customer,

It’s March and all around the northern hemisphere, farmers and gardeners are beginning to tuck their seeds into the dark soil. If you’re one of them, you already know the pleasures of this early spring task, and its eventual rewards. If you have been thinking of growing a little of your own food, this might be your year. A few seeds, a little time, what could it hurt to try?

Speaking of March, it happens to be LocalHarvest’s 14th birthday, and again this year we’re making merry with a Seed Giveaway. Our catalog is packed with seeds — veggie, herb, tree, and flower. Respond to this email by ordering some LocalHarvest seeds between now and midnight on Friday, March 14 and you’ll be automatically entered to win. If yours happens to be one of the 14 orders we’ll choose at random the following day, we’ll contact you, letting you know your order is **FREE!**

Along with sowing the first seeds, March is a traditional time to start taking a spring tonic. We work with several fine herbalists who offer cleansing and strengthening tinctures for all kinds of needs.

Happy birthday to us. Happy gardening and good health to you.

Erin Barnett


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