The “Pane” of being Burgled

The Pane of Being Burgled
On July 31, 2012, I came home from work to face an ugly surprise.  Our home on Ashland had been burglarized!  The doors were locked, but they gained access by prying out the wooden trim around one of the glass panes on our back door.  Once they removed the trim, the glass just popped right out & they were able to reach in & let themselves in.  (They even took the trim & glass pane with them!)  I understand that they caught these particular thieves because they were using the same “m.o.” on many houses in the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, they must not be the only ones because our next door neighbor got hit this same way in February 2014.  It’s easy access with little noise.  If you have one of these old wooden doors on your home, please take the time to ensure it’s in good shape and not easy to break into.  We replaced ours with a steel door & also changed the front door as well.  (Did I forget to mention we have a 65 lb. dog in the yard that they slipped past, too?)  We thought we were good…but the thieves were better!
Please be observant of anyone around your neighbor’s home that does not belong there.  I have offended many a stranger by inquiring as to their need to snoop around my neighbors’ homes, but I also stopped a break-in in progress a few years ago by asking questions.  Quite stupid I’m told later, but nonetheless, I foiled that robbery because I saw someone who didn’t belong and I didn’t hesitate to ask why they were there.  If we speak up & pay attention to our surroundings, we will be a better neighborhood than Beechmont already is!

BNA Member & Concerned Neighbor,
Kristi Miller


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