BNA Elections – Need Some Help !


BNA Elections

At the Firehouse at 5th and Ashland

November 18th 7PM.

We need to elect 3 board members for next year, to replace long time board members who are stepping down. BNA is an all volunteer organization of neighbors. For the organization to function, we need active board members and members. Please consider becoming a board member. We meet once a month on the 3rd Monday of the month from 7pm to 9pm at the Iroquois library. We need people who have an active interest in making the neighborhood a better place. Board members represent BNA, plan activities and projects like the Farmer’s Market, The Festival of flowers and Christmas on the Corner; they also represent the neighborhood on zoning matters, try to improve our business district, increase awareness of public affairs that impact the neighborhood and help in property maintenance issues.

If you have an interest in taking an active role, now is your chance to come forward.  If we don’t have the helpers a lot of things will have to wait or cease to happen. Step up and make sure we continue to have a strong voice in the South end.

If you are too busy, at least make the effort to become a member of the organization and support us for $10 / year per family.Bunting


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