Fix a Flat Class from LMPD !


How many of you have teens who, in the case of a flat tire, can pull over and change it?




LMPD 4th Division would like to welcome you to attend a hands on “change a flat tire” class.  All attendees will

be instructed by an officer on how to change a tire, and do it safely.  This class is open to all ages and will help

serve as a refresher for some.  Come and take part of this hands on experience and meet the officers of the 4th



·         Location –  LMPD 4th Division 1340 S. 4th Street

·         Time – 12:00 till 2:00 pm

·         Date – Monday, August 5th


If you have any questions, please call or email.


Johnny D. Burgraff

Division Resource Officer

Community Services

1340 S. 4th Street

Louisville, KY 40208

(502) 574-7010


Working Toward Positive Change Through Community Partnerships


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