New Cut Road / Taylor Blvd. Corridor Study

Note: This project is important to the economic future of the Southend.. We need to keep a focus on this and guide what happens. Taylor blvd. was and should be the main shopping street in our neighborhood, it’s wide enough and long enough to support a great shopping district. We also need to keep an eye on what will replace Iroquois homes as this is a large plot of land. New Cut road also needs a facelift and improved zoning and planning.

New Cut Road / Taylor Blvd Corridor Study

approved by the Metro Council’s Planning & Zoning Committee

The New Cut Road/ Taylor Boulevard Corridor Study maps out steps to bring the area new life and a new look while retaining the characteristics  needed for neighborhoods and economic development. The plan’s approach calls for rezoning several key areas, the creation of development plans and focusing on funding for traffic and economic development opportunities.

            The Corridor Study was conducted and prepared by the City Solutions Center of the University of Louisville and the Kentucky League of Cities. It was funded with Neighborhood Development Funds provided by Welch and Council members Marianne Butler (D-15), Dan Johnson (D-21) and David Yates (D-25)

            The study covers the area from the Watterson Expressway at Taylor Boulevard going south to the Gene Snyder Freeway along New Cut Road.  It highlights the need for better mobility, economic development initiatives and land use. It calls for rezoning in three key areas and advocates beautification and revitalization.  There are three key redevelopment areas in the Study:

·         Northern anchor – former Iroquois Homes site

·         Central Development Colonial Gardens

·         Southern Anchor – Former Different Strokes Golf Course

TThe study calls for utilizing available streets and roadways between the Watterson and Gene Snyder Expressways for sidewalks, bike lanes and easier turn lanes for traffic, streetscaping many areas with trees, flowers and banners along with street furniture to give a modern and unified look. It also recommends renaming the entire corridor as “The Jefferson Parkway.”

 The Task Force created to work with Council members and the Metro Department of Economic Growth and Innovation included Stephen Cotton, Ray Crider, Steve Elble, Vince Jarboe, Ken Johnson, Richard Manion, Barbara Nichols, Craig Oeswein, Pamela Shofner and Ray Whitener.

            If passed by the Louisville Metro Council, New Cut Road / Taylor Boulevard Corridor would be incorporated into the Cornerstone 2020 Comprehensive Plan.


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