Cost vs. Value for Louisville Home Improvements

I had one of my fellow realtors share this with me the other day. This is cool because it shows the return on popular home improvements like kitchen and bath remodels. It gives the cost/resale value in our particular Louisville market. This assumes the homeowner is using a contractor to do these, but you at least get an idea of what may pay off when its time to sell vs. things you do to make your home comfortable while you are living there. ( walk in wine cellar/ humidor, rotating car elevator I’m talking to you!) It also shows how if you are handy, you can really save some major cash. We are planning to redo our kitchen counter tops and cabinet fronts and I’ll probably do some of it myself and farm out the counter tops (in my case I’m trying to keep Linda happy).  It’s also interesting to see how different parts of the country value improvements differently.

Cost vs. Value 2013 Louisville

They have a link there to download the data also

It’s a big download at 2.5mb


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