Crime Maps Week ending Jan 30th 2013

Significant Arrests in the 4th Division: Week Ending January 30, 2013

1501 Bellamy Pl.: Arrested suspect  Joshua P., while an employee of Bellamy Apt’s he stole property valued at over $500.  80-13-000000 arrested on 1/30/13

3711 W. Wheatmore: Arrested suspect Desmond P., stole property valued at $600 from victim 80-13-000000 cleared by Detective 1/23/13

1st @ Garrett St:  Robbery Cleared Unfounded victim reported robbery so she would not get in trouble for misplacing her phone. 80-13-000000 Cleared by Detective

3009 S 4th St: Robbery Case cleared unfounded incident did not occur. 80-13-000000 cleared by Detective

4th and Winkler:  Robbery Case cleared unfounded.  Detectives found report to not be a true.  80-13-000000 cleared

4360.5 Lonsdale: Arrested suspect  Antwon D. he assaulted a female victim and took $300.  80-13-000000 cleared by arrest on 1/25/13

122 E Southland Blvd: Arrested subjects Christopher (Juv) and Shaquille  (Juv) pointed a gun in female victims face and demanded her property.  80-13-000000 arrested on 1/30/13 by Detectives

Click to enlarge:

image015 image016 image017


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