Graffiti Plague


We have seen a huge upsurge in Graffiti popping up both in the neighborhood and also around town.

Just talked to Dean Sturgeon LMPD and they have received numerous complaints in 4 th district.
There are several gang specialists with LMPD that are investigating.  They have received a lot of pictures from residents and are asking for us to send pictures ALONG WITH LOCATION OF GRAFFITI to them.
 He suggested that each of us send this information to our contacts and ask them to send to theirs and so on.  They do have to catch them in the act to prosecute.
 He also explained that it is the property owners that are responsible for cleaning it.
For example if on a bus stop then Tarc is responsible.  On parks  (Southern Parkway access rd)
Then Metro Parks …and so on.  These incidents need to be reported to appropriate place.
Please send pictures with an address to:   Officer Johnny Burgraff  ( ) and they will take a look.
We plan to take more action on this through the city this year. Many cities have programs to remove this, Louisville does not.
Here’s a website that explains why this is bad: Graffitihurts.orgAs most of us have cellphones with cameras this is an easy step to take.

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