Little Jerusalem in Iroquois Manor

If you are looking for Mediterranean fare in the neighborhood, stop in and see Sami Barghouti who has just opened his restaurant in Iroquois Manor across from ValuMarket. Here’s a picture of the beef shwarma sandwich which was a great value and tasted great.Littlejerusalemshwarma


Limbwalkers – Preventing Winter Lawn Damage

Preventing Winter Lawn Damage

By Royce Hall

Frost on Grass (by PublicDomainPictures)

You may notice that your lawn is not growing as fast as it was a few short months ago. This is because it is going dormant for the winter months. The good news is that your grass is easier to maintain right now, as it does not need to be mowed weekly, and most of your leaves have already been mulched or removed. However, as your lawn is no longer vigorously growing its shoots, it is also not repairing itself as actively. So, during the winter months you should be thinking about how to protect your lawn so that it looks good in the spring. Here are three good rules of thumb to protect your lawn during the winter.

  • Minimize foot traffic. Do not walk on your lawn when frost is present, and minimize your traffic until spring. Repetitive foot traffic can increase the compaction in your lawn, and increase the wear on your grass. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may take your lawn a few weeks to repair itself in the spring, or may require core aeration and reseeding. It is especially important to stay off your lawn when the grass is frozen because foot traffic at this time can significantly damage the grass blade and even kill the plant altogether. In severe cases footprints may linger in the grass and even turn brown.

  • Keep salt off of your lawn. Use ice melt products containing calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) instead of salt or fertilizer. These products are much safer for your lawn and our environment. Road salt and ice melt can adjust the pH of your soil and result in damaged or dead turf. Fertilizer should be avoided because the dormant turf will not absorb the fertilizer. The fertilizer will run-off leading to groundwater pollution. If you do use salt, thoroughly water the damaged areas two to three times in the spring to move the salt out of the soil.

    Snow on House (by Anonymous)

  • Mark your driveway and sidewalks for plowing. Mark the boundaries of your sidewalk and driveway with stakes if they are to be plowed. This will lessen the likelihood of accidentally plowing your lawn and landscaping. You can use small boundary and irrigation marking flags, or wooden stakes, as long as they will still be visible after the snow falls. These supplies are available from most hardware and home improvement stores. If you have sensitive plants near your driveway, you may want to place a barrier between them and the driveway to physically keep the salt from getting on the plants.

If you need any additional information about preventing winter lawn damage, or are interested in Limbwalker’s lawn program, please call our office at (502) 634-0400, or contact Royce Hall at

Crittenden Drive Relocation Project

Louisville, KY (January 25, 2013)–On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, at 7:30 a.m., Ottawa, Hiawatha and a section of Louisville Avenues and Dakota Street will be closed to prepare for the construction of the North Connector (second phase) of the three-phase Crittenden Drive Relocation Project.
Roadway signs alerting frequent travelers and nearby neighbors of the road closures were posted on Wednesday, January 9.
Relocating the roadway allows for the continued construction of Taxiway “A”, a crucial airfield improvement, which permits the airport to handle the newest, largest long-range commercial aircraft. The almost $6 million construction contract for the North Connector phase of the project was awarded
to Louisville Paving by the Airport Authority Board at its November 28, 2012, meeting and is funded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Maps to follow (pdf) :

Media Advisory Crittenden Dr North Connector 1-25-13

Jeff Memorial Forest – Frozen Full Moon Hike Saturday

forest hike

Planning your Preservation Project


For most people the maintenance, renovation of, or additions to their older home can be daunting projects they avoid because they simply do not know how to proceed!This workshop will lead you through the steps of planning and executing your project by using two examples: Repair or Replace Historic Windows & Designing a New Kitchen

You will learn:Where to find information and resources
When you need to involve Metro Landmarks & Preservation Districts Staff
How to think through the scope of the project
How to put ideas on paper
What to do when you are “over your head”

Planning Your Project!
Saturday February 9, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST
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Preservation Louisville
The Brennan House Historic Home
631 S. 5th St.
Louisville, KY 40202
Driving Directions

PLI logoAs a Metro Louisville citywide non-profit historic preservation organization, Preservation Louisville works in partnership with local, state and national organizations to promote the preservation of our community’s historic resources through education and advocacy. Preservation Louisville also provides education, technical information and resources. For more information,

Led by architect Gary Kleier, with 35 years of experience, and specialties in historic renovation, restoration and applying green concepts in historic structures, Kleier is sure to help those dealing with rehabilitation issues in a historic home who are interested in achieving environmentally friendly results in the most cost efficient manner.
Hands on History is an educational series designed to give participants a hands-on, in-depth overview of various preservation issues and methods of maintaining and preserving historic buildings. Preservation Louisville is co-sponsoring this workshop series along with the Metro Louisville Historic Landmarks Commission and the Kentucky Heritage Council/State Historic Preservation Office.  

Beechmont Womans Club – Chili Supper & Karaoke

Chili-PepperCome out and enjoy this new event.

Beechmont Womans Club 4516 S. 6th Street

February 16th from 4-7 pm

Chili Supper – Karaoke- Silent Auction

Historic Preservation – Tax Credit Workshop

 HP Tax
Preservation Louisville Hosts
Historic Preservation Tax Credit Workshop

January 19, 2013
Saturday January 19, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST
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Preservation Louisville
631 South 5th Street
The Brennan House Historic Home
Louisville, KY 40202
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Advance registration is required!This is a hands-on, active learning workshop and class size is limited!

PLI logo
As Metro Louisville’s citywide non-profit historic preservation organization, Preservation Louisville works in partnership with local, state and national organizations to promote the preservation of our community’s historic resources through education and advocacy. Preservation Louisville also provides education, technical information and resources. For more information,
  • Is your home or commercial building 50 or more years old?
  • If so, are you planning any exterior restoration projects?
  • Would you like to learn how to recoup up to 30% of your project’s cost through Federal and State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please attend this beneficial workshop led by, Joe Pierson, Historic Preservation Tax Credit Consultant with Pinion Advisors. Mr. Pierson will share with participants his in-depth knowledge of qualifying and applying for Federal and State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits that can equal up to 30% of their rehabilitation project’s cost. He will also provide one-on-one assistance with questions they may have about rehabilitating their historic commercial building or home utilizing the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. This is truly a special opportunity to learn from a dedicated expert!!

Preservation Louisville, Inc. is co-sponsoring Historic Preservation Tax Credit Workshops in partnership with the Kentucky Heritage Council / State Historic Preservation Office.  Offered quarterly, these workshops assist property owners with applying for state and federal historic preservation tax credits. Participants will learn how to properly complete the three-part application and receive one-on-one assistance with questions they may have about rehabilitating their historic building or home utilizing the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. These workshops are presented with support from Stites & Harbison.