Crime Maps – Week of 12-16-12

Unfortunately our Burglaries increase during holiday seasons also. Take extra care to leave extra lights on, inside and out. Lighting is a cheap way of deterring criminals. It’s only a few cents a day to keep porch lights on all night long. Burglars feel that people will see them and that they are more vulnerable. They’re right. The Police and people who pass by are more apt to see what is going on with lighting. Make sure you lock your doors and windows and if you go to visit family or relatives, call the Fourth Division and request a free house watch. For more information call 574-7010. You should also let a trusted neighbor know you’re leaving so they can be an extra set of eyes and ears.

·                   After the Holidays have slowed down and as soon as possible, all new electrical and valuables should have identifying numbers recorded or engraved and pictures and appraisals done on jewelry and other items. This will ensure that if you are a victim, the police have something to trace your property to you when recovered.

Merry Christmas !

Officer Dean Sturgeon

Louisville Metro Police Department

4th Division Resource Unit

Cell: 502-639-0421

Fax: 502-637-7027



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