Holiday Safety Tips from LMPD 4th Division

As we start towards the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we should always keep safety in mind.  The Louisville Metro Police Department 4th Division would like to give you a few quick hints to keep in mind.

·                   Always take items in from the car or lock them in the trunk out of sight! Our number one problem, in this area, is theft from auto.  It would be over the top to fight the crowds for those special gifts only to have them stolen and go to someone you don’t know.

·                   Make sure you don’t carry large amounts of cash. This is the season when Robberies are at their peak. Carry a credit card and put it in your front pocket; this way you stand a decreased chance of being pick-pocketed, and ladies, let’s leave the purses at home! This is just one more thing to be grabbed, taken, or left during the confusion of the season. A credit card can be shut down immediately and traced when used. When cash is stolen, it’s just gone.

·                   When you are on an all day long Holiday shopping marathon, be mindful of where you park and who’s in the parking lot.  If you park early in the morning or afternoon, and plan to shop into the evening hours, be sure to park where there will be plenty of light and foot traffic upon leaving the store. If you see someone that looks suspicious in the parking lot or store, tell store employees so they can call security or call us at 574-7111. Most stores will provide an escort to your car upon request, so don’t hesitate to ask.

·                    DO NOT put packages in your car in plain view. If you must, put packages in your trunk, but be aware of who might be watching.

·                   Unfortunately our Burglaries increase during holiday seasons also. Take extra care to leave extra lights on, inside and out. Lighting is a cheap way of deterring criminals. It’s only a few cents a day to keep porch lights on all night long. Burglars feel that people will see them and that they are more vulnerable. They’re right. The Police and people who pass by are more apt to see what is going on with lighting. Make sure you lock your doors and windows and if you go to visit family or relatives, call the Fourth Division and request a free house watch. For more information call 574-7010. You should also let a trusted neighbor know you’re leaving so they can be an extra set of eyes and ears.

·                   After the Holidays have slowed down and as soon as possible, all new electrical and valuables should have identifying numbers recorded or engraved and pictures and appraisals done on jewelry and other items. This will ensure that if you are a victim, the police have something to trace your property to you when recovered.

·                   Last but not least, Don’t Drink and Drive. We want you to enjoy a safe accident free holiday. So if you, or if you see a friend that has had too much to drink, don’t let them drive. Call a cab or have a sober friend drive home.


The Fourth Division, LMPD wants everyone to have a safe, fun, crime free Holiday season.





Officer Dean Sturgeon

Louisville Metro Police Department

4th Division Resource Unit

Cell: 502-639-0421                  

Fax: 502-637-7027

You will do tomorrow as you did today if that is what you did yesterday.



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