August BNA Meeting Minutes

The BNA meeting was called to order by President Jeff Miller at 7:00 P.M.

Board members present: Jeff Miller, Rick Pickerill, Bob Starck, Gary Guss, Louise Despain, Kevin Steller, Linda Taylor and Jim Rosendale

Special guest,  Congressman John Yarmuth addressed the attendees with a very informative presentation.  He discussed issues concerning the Health Care Reform Act and answered questions from all the neighbors.  Everyone attending enjoyed the presentation and thanked Mr. Yarmuth for enlightening us on the events facing Congress in the next session.

Crime Report was presented by Lt. Judah-

Between July 20th and August 20th, 2012, twelve burglaries were reported in the Beechmont area, this includes commercial and residential burglaries.  Two robberies, six stolen cars and six thefts from vehicles were also reported.  Burglaries are still down 55% compared to this time last year. 

The lieutenant reported that a lot of the crime could be deterred if people would: Keep your automobile locked, don’t leave valuables in an automobile (especially in plain sight), and be observant to suspicious activity in your neighborhood. 

On August 29th, at 6:00p.m.,  metro police officers are having a walk in the 4th division, and another is scheduled for Sept. 12th at 5:30p.m for our neighborhood.  Come out and support our officers and let the community know that you are proactive in keeping our community safe and crime free.  For more information contact Tammy Steller.

Treasurers Report was reviewed and motion to accept made by Gary Guss and seconded by Kevin Steller. All board members approved.

Minutes from July meeting were reviewed and motion to accept made by Louise Despain and seconded by Bob Starck.  Minutes approved by board members.

Committee Reports:  The farmers market annual Harvest Festival will be held on September 22nd, this years event will feature a bluegrass band.  A motion made by Kevin Steller to give $250 to the Harvest Festival for expenses, seconded by Gary Guss. All board members approved.  Money may be reimbursed back to BNA through a local neighborhood grant issued by metro council.

J. Rosendale discussed boosting membership into the BNA by having more activities that promote our involvement within the neighborhood.  Further discussion will be addressed at future meetings.  The beautification committed has been working at the gazebo: we could always use help with our landscaping.  Bob Starck reported that, the replacement of our Beechmont sign is still in the works.

Motion to adjourn made by Bob Starck, seconded by Kevin Steller at 9:00p.m.

The August meeting was very informative and with the presentation by Congressman Yarmuth, everyone in attendance enjoyed and gained a little insight into the workings of our government.  The president of the BNA,  Jeff Miller, should be commended for obtaining our guest and making this an eventful board meeting.


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