New Illegal Dumping Law

Louisville has a new ordinance in place. Here is a link to more information.
Help Us Stop Illegal Dumping


According to Chapter 51 of Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances:
No person shall deposit, drop, dump, place, or throw any waste or hazardous waste onto public or private property that is not licensed by the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government Waste Management District, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations for the purpose of disposal of waste. Illegal dumping does not include the discarding of small quantities of waste related to consumer goods that are reasonably understood to be ordinarily carried on or about the body of a living person, including, but not limited to, beverage containers and closures, packaging, wrappers, wastepaper, newspaper, magazines, or other similar waste that escapes or is allowed to escape from a container, receptacle, or package.

Both owner and driver of the vehicle are liable for dumping. Fines for the owner of the vehicle range from $500 to $1500. In addition to these fines, Metro Government may impound a motor vehicle used in violation of the provisions of §51.404 as follows:

1. A motor vehicle used for illegal dumping, in violation of §51.404(A), may be impounded for a period of not more than twelve months. A motor vehicle used in violation of §51.404(B)-(F) may be impounded for a period of not more than six months.

2. In determining the impoundment period imposed pursuant this subdivision, the following factors will be considered:

a. The size and nature of the waste dumped.

b.Whether the dumping occurred for a business purpose.

Reporting Illegal Dumping

Observe the vehicle:

Do not make your presence known;
Do not touch the material dumped;
Record vital information:
License plate number;
Vehicle description;
Occupant(s) description;
Nature and quantity of material dumped; and
Time, date and location of the occurrence.
Report this information! Call MetroCall 311 or 574-5000


Top Section

If you would be willing to testify against this person, print or type your full name and complete address, employer, telephone numbers, particularly the number where you can be reached during the day, (if under 18 age and date of birth), time and date of incident. (Optional)

Mid Section

An estimate of the quantity of material dumped, type or description of material dumped, location where material was dumped, license plate number and state, vehicle description (include make, model, color, type, and size), logo or name of owner if printed on the vehicle.

If action can be taken, you will receive a letter notifying you of the date and time for your appearance in court.

* Please Note: Review the form for accuracy and completeness and email it to (link) or mail it to:

Assistant Director of Solid Waste Management
600 Meriwether Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40217
Office: 502-574-3571
FAX: 502-574-4155

Officer Dean Sturgeon

Louisville Metro Police Department
4th Division Resource Unit
Cell: 502-639-0421
Fax: 502-637-7027


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