Unpaid Tax Lien Clinic

You can get free legal help to protect your home & address unpaid property taxes

Thursday, June 7th

11:00 am-1:00 pm

Presbyterian Community Center
701 South Hancock

Thursday, July 5th
5:00 pm-7:00 pm
Northwest Neighborhood Place
4018 West Market St.

A third Tax Lien Clinic is currently being organized for late June
All unpaid property taxes will be offered for sale to private investors at an auction
on July 18th. Protect yourself from excessive fees and even foreclosure by coming
to a FREE Clinic.
At the clinic you will be able to:

Work with the County Attorney and arrange a plan for your taxes
Consult an attorney about past taxes that have been sold
Apply for a Homestead or Disability Exemption
Connect with a Job Coach about employment
Learn about other services that may be available to you
If you have questions please call George Eklund at 618-5892

Need Help with Unpaid Taxes? Call . . .
Jefferson County Attorney’s office (502) 574-6331
Arrange a payment plan for your unpaid taxes.

Legal Aid Society (502) 584-1254.
You may qualify for legal advice in dealing with third party
investors. Legal Aid Society can also help with estate planning and wills.
Jefferson County PVA (502) 574-6380

Apply for a Homestead or Disability Exemption. This could lower your
Need Financial Help?
AARP- 1-866-295-7275 for information on Budgeting, Estate Planning, Taxes, Low-Income Assistance

KIPDA– 1-888-737-3363 for information about various programs to promote health, safety, and overall well-being.

Housing Partnership, Inc- (502) 585-5451 for free HUD- approved financial and housing counseling and education services.

Louisville Urban League- (502) 566-3362 for free housing and financial counseling

Neighborhood Places- (502) 574-8035 Information about resources and availability of services about emergency assistance programs. They also screen for
eligibility for public assistance programs.


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