BNA – March 2012 Minutes

BNA March 2012 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: G. Guss, R. Pickerill, R. Starck, V. Thompson, K. Steller, L. DeSpain, L. Taylor, D. French, J. Rosendale, D. Thompson, J. Miller

Board Members Absent: R. Clark, D. Krause

The meeting opened at 7 pm by President Jeff Miller.

Police Report: We had no police report this month as the officers are now coming every other month due to manpower cutbacks.

 Treasurers Report: Treasurer Debbie Thompson read the Treasurers report, we have a balance of $15,489 of which $5000 is a grant from BAE Systems that is earmarked for the Community Center remodeling project. A motion was made to approve the minutes by G. Guss, Seconded by K. Steller and the minutes were approved.

Farmer’s Market: We plan to have a few farmers available for the Festival of Flowers on May 12th. The Farmer’s Market may open a week or two early (mid-May) as the early spring may provide them with something to sell. This will be posted on the website etc. if it happens.

Old Business: With the onset of better weather, the remodeling of the Community Center (mostly exterior painting) should commence.  Thanks to BAE Systems for their generous donation to this cause.

New Business: There was a good deal of discussion revolving around the Facebook page, Jim Rosendale is researching how these pages are handled by other organizations and the legal ramifications of the same and will present at a future meeting.

Comfy Cow provided Ice Cream to the meeting as a way of introducing their new store in the Masterson’s block near U of L.  Thanks Comfy Cow!

A discussion of pricing policies on Bugler ads was held, we currently charge $45 for an Ad and $25 for a business membership, we discussed simplifying the wording to say that ads are $70/Year and include a Business membership. We received several ad renewals last month and a couple of new ads. Beechmont Bombshells took out a double sized ad.

Tammy Steller (4th Division Advisory board) came to the board with a request for $75 to give to the 4th Division of LMPD to help with their Night out program. A motion was made by Kevin Steller and seconded by Jeff Miller and this was granted.

Debbie Thompson also reported a request for a donation to the Little Loomhouse for $100 for the year. A motion was made by Gary Guss and seconded by Linda Taylor and this was also granted.

The board also discussed replacing the water fountain at the gazebo which is not working and also needs cosmetic repair. Linda Taylor has been researching designs for a new one with a dog bowl and will contact Marty Storch of the Parks dept. to see what is required.

We also discussed the upcoming Festival of Flowers and the cleanup of the area which was recently conducted. We still need some cleanup of the iris beds along the wall, and members are encouraged to help with this. R. Starck will contact Thornton’s for a mulch donation for this area and we probably will have to purchase more mulch. Festival of Flowers posters will be available at the next meeting in April for board members to deliver.

The Community Center was discussed with an eye to Landmarking or putting it on the National Register. This process may make it eligible to receive grant monies to aid in restoring it. Jim Rosendale has a wealth of information regarding this process.

Kevin Steller led a discussion of Neighborhood plans and the steps needed to start to implement a plan. This is a very large and complex undertaking with a neighborhood of our size, and would be at least a 2 year process.

A motion was made by Jeff Miller and seconded by Kevin Steller to adjourn the meeting and this was done at 8:20pm.


G. Guss – Acting Secretary


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