February BNA Meeting Minutes

Beechmont Neighborhood Association

Monthly Meeting 02-20-12


Attendees: Board Members Present: Rick Pickerill, Dottie Krause, Gary Guss, Jeff Miller,  Linda Taylor, Vi Thompson, Bob Starck, Kevin Steller, Jim Rosendale
Absent: Randy Clark, Debra Thompson, Louise Despain
Guests: Linda Guss, Donna Pickerill, Laura Hosbach, Tom Guenthner, Officer Burgraff, and Marianne Zickhur.
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
The police report was given Officer Burgraff.  Crime is remaining about the same.  A pamphlet was passed out to everyone providing contact information for non emergency calls.  Due to schedule demands and only 2 officers visiting neighborhoods, an officer from Metro will be attending the BNA meetings every other month. The BNA neighborhood block watch meetings will resume with the Feb 28, 2012 meeting at the Library at 7 pm.
The Treasurer’s report was provided and a general discussion was held regarding how to report some of the funds that are specifically in specific accounts. Motion made by Gary Guss, 2nd by Jeff Miller to reimburse the treasurer for the newest version of Quicken software to do the monthly treasurer report.  Motion carried.
Committee Reports:
General discussion regarding the Farmers Market was given by Donna Pickerill who reported the Comfy Cow, one of the new businesses located in the old Masterson’s would like to attend the March meeting and present about their new business.  Also, some of the farmers may want to open earlier and offer some early spring crops in advance of the grand opening weekend.
Gary Guss reported the membership and dues are remaining constant. Nominating committee continues to about the same.
Beautification committee reported the gazebo needs cleaning up and the landscaping trimmed and mowed.  Bob Starck volunteered to get a committee together and establish a date and a volunteer list. Bob is going to get with Dan Johnson’s office for reimbursement for mowing the lot at 3rd and Southern Heights. Laura Hosbach is coordinating a gazebo cleanup on Sunday 11 Mar at 1pm. Looking for volunteers to help.
Jeff Miller reported he has been contacted by the Home Owners of Innwood Condos with some complaints about getting the association to help encourage the owners to repave the parking lot.  Jeff Miller will invite the President of the Association to attend one of our meetings and the BNA will attempt to serve as a mediator in this issue.
Discussion was held concerning having a BNA event like the Minimarathon Breakfast during the Papa Johns 10 miler on 31 Mar 12.
The Festival of Flowers has started looking for volunteers to serve both on the committee and working the festival.  Boy Scouts will be asked to volunteer and work. Rick Pickerill is looking to get a Sheriff to attend and provide patrol.
There is a Facebook page where votes can be taken to try to encourage Rainbow Blossom to locate a store in Beechmont.
Planning Committee, Neighborhood Institute class that James Rosendale and Kevin Steller are attending.  They are working with Planning and Zoning to have a neighborhood charette and develop a plan. Research is being done to see if there is money for this plan/study and possibly become part of Cornerstone 2020. The goal of the plan/study is to looking at uses for the neighborhood with a focus on staying a primarily residential area. Jim Rosendale gave a brief report on the Neighborhood Institute.
Motion made Kevin Steller to adjourn at 8:45pm and 2nd by Bob Starck, Motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.
Dottie Krause – Secretary


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