October Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting Minutes  10-17-11

Board Members Present: Rick Pickerill, Dottie Krause, Gary Guss, Jeff Miller, Debra Thompson, Vi Thompson, Louise Despain

Absent: Kevin Steller, Linda Taylor, Randy Clark, James Rosendale, Deveny French, Bob Starck

Guests: Officer C. Weathers, Officer J. Burgraff, Elaine Evans, Tom Guenthner, Jennifer Medley, Steve Patterson, Linda Guss, Donna Harper, Robert Meisburg, David Hammersley, Jerry Josh, Don Johnson, Wade Hurt, Ellen Reitmeyer.

The police report was given by LMPD Officer J. Burgraff. Crime is down in the Beechmont Area and he entire 4th Division.

Report provided on the going on at the Ashland Tavern. Many residents continued to express complaints about loud noise. The facility has been sited 6 times since May 28,2011.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Debra Thompson. All reviewed and the report was approved by the board.

The minutes of last month’s meeting were read and approved.

Committee Reports:

Nominating Committee: No change.

Membership Committee: Membership is up to 220 on facebook.

Events: Next meeting will be our annual membership vote and Chili supper at the new Firehouse on Monday November 21st. We also have the annual “Christmas on the Corner” on Friday December 2nd.

Beautification: There has been some vandalism at the gazebo. There is a bottom railing which was kicked down and needs to be repaired.

Public Affairs: No change. James Rosendale will be taking over the production of the Bugler from Gary Guss in 2012. Thanks to Gary for all of his years of dedication and hard work on the Bugler.

Farmers Market: Has ended for 2011. Motion made by Gary Guss, 2nd by Jeff Miller to approve the $25 fee to join the Ky Farmer Market for dues.

Special Committees:

Business district: No change

Motion made by Jeff Miller to adjourn at 8:20pm and 2nd by Louise Despain, Motion carried, meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

Dottie Krause – Secretary


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