BWA – Fashion Reborn Oct7th and 8th

The Beechmont Woman’s Club is holding its annual gently used clothing sale on Friday, Oct. 7 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 8 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the clubhouse at 4516 South Sixth Street.
Lunch will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
There will be a big bake sale
with homemade goodies.
There will be racks of clothing to fit all at give away prices. Visit our boutique on the stage for special selections.
Come get your new outfits.


Thelma Hayes


September BNA minutes

Minutes for Sept 19, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by President Jeff Miller.

Board Members Present: Jeff Miller, Linda Taylor, Gary Guss, Debbie Thompson, Louise Despain, Vi Thompson, Kevin Steller, Dottie Krause, Jim Rosendale, Randy Clark, Deveney French, Bob Starch, and Rick Pickerill

Guests Present: Lt. Charles Weather, Metro ABC, Johnny Burgraff, LMPD, Jim Shields of Commonwealth Recycling, Tom Guenthner, Jim Shields, Donna Pickerill, Ken Linfield, Sandra Poole, Zetta Howley, John Browning, Bruce Cantrell, George Levine, Ellen Reitmeyer, Wade Hurt and Dan Johnson.

LMPD Report: Johnny Burgraff reported that crime is down in the area. Passed out a photo of a suspect being sought. Asked the group to be on the look out for him. If see him, report to LMPD.

Lt. Charles Weather of Metro ABC addressed the group about some concerns the neighbors have regarding the Ashland Tavern; ie., loud music and noise coming from the building late hours. Lt Charles Weather reported he has responded to numerous complaints about the noise and they have been cited and fined. He explained the tiered fine structure for these type of disturbances. And because the fine structure increases with the number of times reported, he strongly encouraged residents to continue to report as a non emergency to the LMPD 571-7111. Much discussion about this issue ensued.

Meeting Highlights: Jim Shields of Commonwealth Recycling presented an outreach program to the BNA that recycles and disposes of properly, computers and other technology. There is a website that will be linked to the BNA website on face book. A discussion ensued about possibly offering this service at next year’s Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s Market for this season is coming to the end. This discussion will continue.

Dan Johnson, Metro District 21 Council Member reported on the paving and aligning of 2nd Street with Southside Drive and the new bridge from Strawberry Lane to Crittenden Drive project. For residents living in the District 21, they should contact MSD for one of the backflow values due to the recent flooding problems in the area.

Old Business: Minutes of last month’s meeting were read and approved. Motion made by Debbie Thompson, 2nd by Kevin Steller.

Treasurers Report: Debbie Thompson provided a treasurer’s report. Motion made by Jim Rosendale to approve, 2nd by Dottie Krause, motion carried.

New Business:

Committee formed to work on the Chili Supper/Grand Opening at the New Firehouse. Dottie Krause, Jeff Miller, Linda Taylor, Jim Rosendale, and Sandra Poole volunteered to serve on the committee. First meeting will be 27 Sept at 6:30 at Linda Taylor’s house.

Nominating committee: Let Deveney French know if you are interested in holding an office on the BNA.

Business Committee: Sunergos will provide an article to the Bugler on home brewing. Post Office has been cleared. Berkley Jewelry has moved across the street. The magazine racks at the bus stops on 3rd are being used as benches as there is no bus shelter or bench there. Dan Johnson reported there is a large restaurant interested in the old Colonial Garden’s property.

Farmer’s Market: An ad for the Harvest Fest will be put in the Courier, bill presented to Debbie Thompson. Workers who volunteered at this one make us eligible for a 50/50 grant, volunteers needed. Complimented Linda Taylor for her work this year in organizing volunteers. Rick and Donna Pickerill really appreciated and were much more freed up this year with the increased help. Motion made by Gary Guss, 2nd by Debbie Thompson to pay the musician for the Harvest Fest. Motion carried.

Membership: Membership is now up to 202 people on the face book page.

Beautification: Gazebo has been damaged again. Bob Starck suggested a camera be placed on the gazebo. Cost is minimal, approx $50. Will be discussed further at next meeting.

Hats, Caps, Shirts, sold at the Farmer’s Market will be reflected on the next treasurer’s report.

Upcoming Events and Special Events: Harvest Fest this Saturday Sept, 24, 2011 Farmer’s Market 8 to noon. Oct 4, 2011 Block Watch Neighborhood being held at the Beecher Street Apt Complex, 1010 Beecher St. Nov 21, 2011 Chili Supper at the Firehouse on Ashland and BNA November monthly meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.