Beechmont Block Watch Minutes

Officer Burgraff updates

  • Gave the group window clings, but there weren’t enough for all members. Officer Burgraff will give us more, and I will email the group when I get them.
  • Terri Shoone has the engraver first. Engrave electronics and lawnmovers with your driver’s license number. When she’s finished with it, she will email all in the watch, and the first to accept will get it from her. This process will continue until all have used it.
  • City Councilperson Marian Butler has secured a grant to get free neighborhood watch T-shirts. They should be printed in the month, and Officer Burgraff will bring them to us.
  • Crime is down in the neighborhood compared to last year
  • The 4th Division is hosting a national night out and blood drive on Aug 2 at Wyandotte Park, and they need volunteers to help out. Please email Tammy if you are interested in helping out
Review process to become a recognized Neighborhood watch:

  1. Captain – Tammy Steller
  2. Co-captain positions also available – consider being one for your block
  3. Official name the watch group – Beechmont Neighborhood Block Watch
  4. Tammy will complete Registration and return to Officer Burgraff by July 9
  5. Have 3 monthly meetings with police presence and assistance
  6. Once the process is complete, the city will provide 2 Neighborhood watch signs to be posted where we decide – Please email me with ideas. We need to have them soon.
  7. All are receiving weekly crime reports via email

Ruby is interested in starting another watch on her block by Southern Parkway and Bluegrass. We can meet/work together as often as we want, but the more site specific watches we have, the more signs and support we will receive. Other areas in Beechmont may do the same.

We addressed Neighborhood concerns and have best practices for us to adopt:

Vandalism – Fix/repair ASAP and take a picture of any graffiti and email it to Officer Burgraff

Theft/Burglary – Engrave belongings, deadbolts, lock cars and houses, leave on porch lights

Drugs– Post AA or NA signs in public areas, make phone calls when things look suspicious

Violence – Call 911, walk with your head up, make eye contact, be aware of surroundings carry keys in your fist, not between fingers.

Environment – talk to neighbor about eyesores, help out, call 311

Social – Smile at people when we are walking, meet neighbors

Reviewed Using Police Numbers Correctly:

Add these numbers into your cell phones and use them. If we don’t report what’s happening in our neighborhood, the police or appropriate officials can’t address it.

911(Emergency) – Crimes in progress, crimes that need police reports. Suspicious activity

311 (Metrocall) – lawns not mowed, houses not kept up, any city departmental issue

574-5374 (Tip Line) – to give information about illegal activity (can be anonymous)

574-7111, then press 5 (Non-emergency Line) – noise complaints, etc.



Misc. Information


Action Items – Members: Complete home safety studies (form from Officer Burgraff) with a neighbor and make changes necessary

Plan on bringing one person with you to the next meeting

We’d like to have a block party to get to know neighbors – still looking for someone to head this up

Tammy will contact Chris Bellsmith to talk to us about using cameras and IP address to watch alleys remotely



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