Beechmont Board Meeting July 18, 2011

Beechmont Board Meeting July 18, 2011

Board Members Present: Jeff Miller, Dottie Krause, Deveney French, Vi Thompson, Linda Taylor, Randy Clark, James Rosendale, Kevin Steller, Louise DeSpain, Bob Starck

Board Members Absent: Gary Guss, Rick Pickerill, Debbie Thompson

Guests: Donna Pickerill, Linda Guss, Donna Harper, Shirley Calloway, Laura Hosbach

Meeting called to order by President Jeff Miller at 7:00 pm.

Lt George, LMPD presented the neighborhood crime report. Gave an update on their efforts to reduce crime. Overall crime in Beechmont is down, car thefts are up, expected gang activity, and many events are planned in the area. LMPD’s night out is 2 Aug 11 at Wyandotte Park. Volunteers are needed. Flyers on this event will be handed out at the Farmers Markets on Saturdays before the event. 1500-1800 people are expected to attend.

Treasurer’s Report: None this month. Donna Pickerill is collecting bills and monies collected from dues at the Farmers Market and will turn into the Treasurer. There is a $271.87 for liability insurance for farmers market that will be paid.

June Board Minutes: Approved via email copy sent.

Committee Reports:

Farmers Market: Donna Pickerill reported that she was contacted by Ray Manley from Dan Johnson’s office regarding the unclaimed property list. Apparently there are a lot of people in the south end on this list. Volunteers will be at Farmers Market conducting Harvest Fest Treasure Hunt. They will bring computers and set up and work with people to try to find people on the unclaimed property list so they can be contacted about property they have that is unclaimed.

Special Events: Laura Hosbach reported on the Moonlight Mile Festival that will be conducted on the Parkway near Gazebo 20 Aug 11. This event will have music, food, dog fashion show, games for kids, and the run. Laura is looking for volunteers to help work the event. A motion was made by Linda Taylor to approve $2500 to Laura as the budget for this event. 2nd by Louise Despain. Motion carried.

Laura asked the board to think about a future Neighborhood Yard Sale.

Linda Taylor reported the Firehouse Grand Opening will be at one of the Farmers Markets on Saturday. Tours will be provided.

Discussion ensued on what the BNA could give to the Firehouse as an Opening Gift. Benches were discussed. Jeff Miller agreed to call the Fire Department and ask what they need. More to report on this next month.

Nominating Committee: No report this month.

Membership Committee: No report this month.

Beautification Committee: The city is pay for and having installed a bus shelter on 3rd and Woodlawn. These are also planned for across from Thornton’s and one on Kenwood Drive.

Looking for volunteers who can help stain the gazebo and finish the mulch around it. Laura Hosbach and Bob Starck will do. Bob Starck also asked credit be given to volunteers who trimmed the bushes and put most of the mulch down at Gazebo: Nick Bean, Kevin reed and Bob Starck. He will provide a photo to Gary Guss so they can be in the Bugler.

Publicity Committee: Motion made by Kevin Steller, 2nd by Linda Taylor to fund the $25 to join the Neighborhood Institute. Motion Carried.

Linda Taylor reported the T shirt inventory is getting low and a buy T shirts Motion made by Kevin Stellar to budget $300 for this, 2nd by Deveney French. Motion carried. Buy will be made next week. Linda also offered the Board Members the opportunity to purchase a Polo Shirt with the BNA emblem on it to wear while working at events. This is option to board members. Linda will be at the next Farmers Market 23 Jul 11 and be taking up the money for these shirts if any member wants them. $15 each.

Motion made by Bob Starck to approve $800 to purchase 144 of each, pint glasses and coffee mugs with the BNA logo on them. The coffee mugs will be sold and also 1 free to anyone joining the BNA. The pint glasses will be sold at event, 1st one being the Moonlight Mile on 20 Aug 11. 2nd by Randy Clark, motion carried.

Public Affairs Committee: Bob Starck reported recent proposed zoning on 3rd street will be sent out to board members. Jeff Miller said he would try to get back on the City’s email distribution for this information.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.




Blockwatch – By Tammy Steller

It’s me again – hope you’re all doing well.

Officer Burgraff dropped off the Neighborhood watch T-shirts, and he asked that we wear them to the National Nite Out. We are going to use that event as our meeting this month, and we will have a sit down meeting mid to late August.If you’re going to the National Nite out, Kevin and the boys and I will be there around 5 to help set up and we are giving blood around 6. There is still time to volunteer or donate blood or school supplies if you’re interested.

If you’re coming to the meeting, we need to get you your t-shirts. I will be at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning from 8:30-10, and it will be first come first serve. If we need more we can get them. We are also going to get more window clings. If you can’t make it on Saturday, just call me and we can work it out. 599-5928. Also, I will accept any school supplies for that National Nite out at the market.

Please take the survey link that I sent in another email. Remember, hungry dogs that don’t bark don’t get fed, so please BARK!

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in fancy lime green t-shirts. There’s no way we won’t be noticed in ’em. Just sayin.

Beechmont Block Watch Minutes

Officer Burgraff updates

  • Gave the group window clings, but there weren’t enough for all members. Officer Burgraff will give us more, and I will email the group when I get them.
  • Terri Shoone has the engraver first. Engrave electronics and lawnmovers with your driver’s license number. When she’s finished with it, she will email all in the watch, and the first to accept will get it from her. This process will continue until all have used it.
  • City Councilperson Marian Butler has secured a grant to get free neighborhood watch T-shirts. They should be printed in the month, and Officer Burgraff will bring them to us.
  • Crime is down in the neighborhood compared to last year
  • The 4th Division is hosting a national night out and blood drive on Aug 2 at Wyandotte Park, and they need volunteers to help out. Please email Tammy if you are interested in helping out
Review process to become a recognized Neighborhood watch:

  1. Captain – Tammy Steller
  2. Co-captain positions also available – consider being one for your block
  3. Official name the watch group – Beechmont Neighborhood Block Watch
  4. Tammy will complete Registration and return to Officer Burgraff by July 9
  5. Have 3 monthly meetings with police presence and assistance
  6. Once the process is complete, the city will provide 2 Neighborhood watch signs to be posted where we decide – Please email me with ideas. We need to have them soon.
  7. All are receiving weekly crime reports via email

Ruby is interested in starting another watch on her block by Southern Parkway and Bluegrass. We can meet/work together as often as we want, but the more site specific watches we have, the more signs and support we will receive. Other areas in Beechmont may do the same.

We addressed Neighborhood concerns and have best practices for us to adopt:

Vandalism – Fix/repair ASAP and take a picture of any graffiti and email it to Officer Burgraff

Theft/Burglary – Engrave belongings, deadbolts, lock cars and houses, leave on porch lights

Drugs– Post AA or NA signs in public areas, make phone calls when things look suspicious

Violence – Call 911, walk with your head up, make eye contact, be aware of surroundings carry keys in your fist, not between fingers.

Environment – talk to neighbor about eyesores, help out, call 311

Social – Smile at people when we are walking, meet neighbors

Reviewed Using Police Numbers Correctly:

Add these numbers into your cell phones and use them. If we don’t report what’s happening in our neighborhood, the police or appropriate officials can’t address it.

911(Emergency) – Crimes in progress, crimes that need police reports. Suspicious activity

311 (Metrocall) – lawns not mowed, houses not kept up, any city departmental issue

574-5374 (Tip Line) – to give information about illegal activity (can be anonymous)

574-7111, then press 5 (Non-emergency Line) – noise complaints, etc.



Misc. Information


Action Items – Members: Complete home safety studies (form from Officer Burgraff) with a neighbor and make changes necessary

Plan on bringing one person with you to the next meeting

We’d like to have a block party to get to know neighbors – still looking for someone to head this up

Tammy will contact Chris Bellsmith to talk to us about using cameras and IP address to watch alleys remotely