BNA Meeting Minutes from June 20th 2011

Minutes BNA Meeting June 20th

Iroquois Library 7PM

Board members Present:
DebbieThompson, Rick Pickerill, Linda Taylor, Gary Guss, Randy Clark, James Rosendale, Vi Thompson, Kevin Steller, Bob Starck, Louise Despain-Cross,

Board Members Absent: Jeff Miller, Deveney French, Dot Krause
Guests: LMPD Lt. Don George, LMPD Johnny Burgraff, Eric and Connie Shumake, Brock and Debbie Persons, Chris Bellsmith, Ruby Backert, Tammy Steller, Donna Pickerill, Lou Fink
Vice- President Rick Pickerill conducted the meeting as President Miller was absent due to a family medical emergency. The meeting started at 7pm.
Police Report : Lt. George of the LMPD gave a detailed crime report, Violent crime is down 18% from last year, and Property crime is down 23%. Domestic Violence is up, all citizens with knowledge of Domestic crime are urged to call or urge persons involved to call the police non-emergency number, at 574-7010 and they will be directed to help. People can also call 211 and get directed to counseling and help for a variety of issues.

LMPD attended both the Americana Festival which drew a crowd of 500-700 people and also the Beechmont Baptist Church blast.

LMPD also conducted a Sexual Offender night during which the department visited  listed Sex offenders in the district to insure compliance. This resulted in the arrest of 13 people. Lieut. George also commented that  bikes and Atvs are now patrolling the neighborhood and ghost cars are being placed also, some with recording capability.

Ashland Tavern has been fined $3000 for underage drinking and arms violations.

Officer  Bergraff announced that the Dept. will be having a National Night out on August 2nd from 6-8 pm at Wyandotte park, they expect to have 1300-1400 people at this event which will provide school supplies to neighborhood children, they will also have a Bloodmobile and Bike Safety program. Hamburgers and Hotdogs will be served. This is a totally free event. The Department is looking for volunteers to help and interested persons can call 574-7010 to sign up to volunteer.

Treasurer’s Report : Debbie Thompson reports a balance of $11,788 for May and this is up due to revenue from memberships, the Farmers Market, and the Festival of Flowers fund raiser.  Gary Guss moved to accept the Treasurers Report and seconded by Kevin Steller, report accepted.

Minutes from May 2011: The minutes were read and approved with the addition of the LMPD officers names who attended last month. These were Officers Kim Kraeszig, Don George, Johnny Burgraff and Chief White. Moved to accept Louise Despain, Second Debbie Thompson

Business Committee:  Randy Clark reports that letters are out at Business owners on Woodlawn asking that they help keep the landscaping in front of their businesses in good shape. Mixed results. Beechmont Bombshells and Sunergo’s are having good success. More information coming next month.  A lot of this real estate has changed hand recently.

Farmer’s Market Report: Donna Pickerill  reports we received $550 revenue from vendor‘s fees, Markets are well attended and the Harvest Fest is going to be on the 3rd Saturday in September. Donna requested $250 for Ad purchase ( Guss proposed, Steller Second, motion passed). Insurance for 2010 has been paid. Short discussion about possible Market Umbrella purchase, and we need volunteers to man the booth during the market.

Beautification: Some Community Center repairs have been done on the inside of the building, lots of outside work needs to be done with landscaping and paint being the major work needed.  We have a possible grant from BAE systems to help pay for this work.
Sixty bags of mulch were donated by Thornton’s to be spread at the gazebo this Friday by Bob Starck and need helpers to spread Friday afternoon.

New Business:  Discussed metal trash cans on Parkway vs. public streets, Olmsted Parkway cans are $1200 each. Also discussed drainage issues at MSD property at 4700 S. 6th, this is the path to the small Bellevue Park and standing water is a problem here. All members need to call 311 and report this and push to get this fixed.

Jim Rosendale complained that Dog owners are not cleaning up after their pets as required by City Ordinance, this is a city wide issue, wants signs and cleanup stations on parkway. Signs at other locations (Jim  posted on Facebook page)

Briefly discussed Neighborhood overlay plan, Kevin Steller will try to get us accurate maps of our area to help this effort ( we will need a lot of help to get this plan to happen) this will allow input to zoning issues, possibility of down-zoning and more control over development and streetscapes.

Ruby Backert mentioned the possibility of Beechmont sponsoring a rescue dog event, similar to what they have in New Orleans ( like a dog fashion show and parade) , monies generated by this would be divided up among all pet agencies in the city. Jim Rosendale will help Ruby to flesh out this idea and connect with sponsoring agencies etc. This is in the early planning stages.

Thursday  June 30th 7PM Beechmont Community Center – the neighborhood will have its 2nd Blockwatch formation meeting, all are encouraged to attend.
Motion to adjourn was made by Louise Despain / 2nd Bob Starck, meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.
Gary Guss – Acting Secretary


BNA Meeting is Monday

Iroquois Library at 7PM




Beechmont Open Air Market starts June 11th

Our sixth year of the Beechmont Open Air Market starts Saturday June 11th from 8-12noon. The Market is located at Southern Parkway at Wellington Avenue in the Beechmont Baptist Church parking lot. We will have fresh locally grown produce, crafts, bedding plants, pottery, live music, baked goods, coffee and much more. Come out and meet your neighbors and support your neighborhood. The market will run through September every Saturday. The market is brought to you by the Beechmont Neighborhood Association and the Beechmont Baptist church.