BNA February Minutes

BNA Board Meeting February 21, 2011
Meeting called to order by President Jeff Miller at 7:03P.M.
Members Present:  J. Miller, B. Starck, V.Thompson,  D. Thompson, L. Taylor, D. French, L. Despain, R. Pickerill & R. Clark
Members Absent:  G. Guss, D. Krause, M. Followay, B. Cantrell,
Guests Present:  Jerry Jansing, Chris Bellsmith, Donna Pickerill, Tim Furnish, & Matt Coulston
No Crime Report:
Treasurers Report:  D. Thompson reported on BNA expenditures for Jan. 2011.  Balance of $9824.08.  Motion made to accept treasurers report by  R. Pickerill and seconded by R. Clark
Secretarys Report:  January Minutes reviewed by members, Motion made to accept minutes by R. Clark and seconded by L. Taylor.
Committee Reports:
Beautification:  C. Bellsmith suggested to notify neighbors by email, door to door, newsletter, etc.. try and get neighbors involved with cleaning up and landscaping their block in the Beechmont area.
Also, to notify authorities about cleaning up around bus stops in our area.
Matt Coulston reported that neighbors in the 4700 block of So. 2nd Street are going to purchase trees to place along their block of 2nd street., Also,
road department is going to pave and restripe the roadway. This will not only improve the looks along the road, but will assist in slowing down traffic.
A motion was made by R. Pickerill to look into purchasing trees for neighbors who may need assistance, seconded by B. Starck.  Matt will obtain prices for trees to be used in the area.  The Second Street neighborhood was commended for their efforts involving block watches, landscaping, and taking charge of their neighborhood.
Motion was made by B. Starck to study and evaluate Beechmont Community Center landscaping, seconded by L. Taylor.
Public Affairs:
Matt Coulston reported that Nuplex is seeking an operational permit to disseminate chemicals into the air. All neighbors in the Beechmont area are asked to call the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District at 502-587-0603, to object to this permit.  A motion was made by B. Starck to submit a written letter by BNA, to the Air Pollution Control District and other agencies, to oppose the operational permit, seconded by L. Taylor.
New Business:
D. French reported that BAE Systems, located on Southside Drive at the Old Naval Ordnance Station, is funding landscaping projects in neighborhoods.  If the BNA could submit plans and estimates of landscaping projects, she would assist in seeking funds.
Motion made by R. Starck to donate $50 to LMPD Officer of the Month award, seconded by D. French
Festival of Flowers is May 14th, 2011
Look into a new event for the mini marathon. Race course has changed and only marathoners will be running into our neighborhood.
Draft letter to Beechmont Businesses for clean up and landscaping of their properties.
Airport Noise levels update
Clean up around Gazebo before Festival of Flowers
Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:55P.M. made by R. Pickerill, seconded by B. Starck

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