BNA Board Meeting minutes for April 2010

BNA monthly board meeting 4/20/10 Iroquois Library

Board Members Present: Bruce Cantrell, Jeff Miller, Gary Guss, Dottie Krause, Rick Pickerill, Vi Thompson, Linda Taylor, Micah Followay, Deveney French, Bob Starck.
Guests: Linda Guss, Donna Pickerill, Laura Hosbach, Laurie Speedie, Councilman Dan Johnson.
Board Members Absent: Debra Thompson, Elizabeth Meisberg,

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.

The President called for a reading of Mar 10th meeting minutes, a hard copy was not available, could not open via electronic file, will have a hard copy available at next meeting, May 10. The Secretary presented agenda for this meeting.

Committee Reports:

The Treasurer’s report was not available this month, will be available next month.

Publicity: Gary Guss reported the Bugler will continue to be printed by the current printer, Prosser Vocational High school. There was a concern that they would be discontinuing their print program, but it has been renewed for another year.

Gary Guss reported that the posters for the Beechmont Festival of Flowers are complete and in the process of being put up. Linda Taylor distributed a group of businesses, by location and asked for volunteers to put the posters in these locations.

Gary Guss also reported that the press releases were sent out for the Minimarathon and Festival of Flowers.

Public Affairs: Linda Taylor reported the bench slat kit has been paid for and is on its way. Linda discussed the work that needs to be done and orchestrated a volunteer party. This is the bench to the south of the gazebo.

Committee planning and a general discussion ensued, discussing the Aug 21 Moonlight Run and 8K. O’Shea’s will provide the music and food. Fred Lipsey’s band Perfect Alibi will be doing the music at the festival.

Our Farmers Market Co-coordinator, Donna Pickerill reported she has met with the farmers for the upcoming season. Donna discussed her plans to make the market self sustaining. The Farmers will pay $75 for the season rather than the $3.50 per market day as they do now. This would have to be paid by May 1st and after this day no other farmers would be allowed in after this date.
Beechmont Baptist Church is agreeable to continuing the Market, if we turn it over to the farmers. The church will agree to this as long as each vendor has their own insurance. Donna has also worked out a parking and setup plan with the farmers. Her goal is get the farmers market self sustaining by next year, 2011.

Laura Hosbach reported we need more vendors for the Festival of Flowers. Donna Pickerill reported that had also she provided applications to the vendors at the farmers market meeting. Eleven vendors have reserved so far, with 3 confirming with paying the fee. Budget provided to Laura Hosbach in amount of $2K. Gary Guss made a motion to approve budget, seconded by Jeff Miller, motion carried.

Rick Pickerill reported he talked to Thornton’s; all plans for expansion and or a new store have been postponed. They are remodeling and plan to re-open soon.

Sunergos Coffee shop on Woodlawn area is planning to open soon. They have their counters in and are starting to get equipment in place.

The Little Jerusalem restaurant has opened on Taylor and Rick asked the neighborhood to support it. They serve a variety of Mediterranean cuisine.

Old Business:

Gary Guss asked a question regarding zoning for the Family Dollar location at 3rd and Central and it was reported the rezoning was turned down, and referred to Metro Council and they voted it down.

Jeff Miller reported Landscaping at the gazebo has been repaired by City Parks Dept; the damage was as a result of the water fountain needing repairs.

New Business:

A discussion ensued regarding the local neighborhoods banding together to reference looking at existing property for business expansion before looking to rezone and tearing down residential property. The practicality of this was discussed.

Linda Taylor will get with the Beechmont Baptist Church and inventory the BNA hats and visors to see if another order needs to be placed. Linda will check to see if the original budget to order the BNA inventory is still available.

Jeff Miller called the Metro Parks to see about renting picnic tables for the Mini Marathon; however it is too late for this event. Dan Johnson volunteered to see if he could get the tables thru Metro for the Festival of Flowers.

Jeff Miller obtained an estimate from Bennett’s Lawn Service for $20 per week and $25 to remulch and cut the vacant lot as you get off the Watterson at 3rd and Florence. A general discussion ensued. Metro Council, Dan Johnson reported that the funds are available from Metro to pay for this.

Bob Starck made a motion that in the meantime, the BNA pay $20 per week to Bennett’s Lawn Service to mow and $25 to mulch the area, until the metro funds come through. Seconded by Laurie Speedie, motion carried.

A motion was made by Dottie Krause to adjourn at 6:55 pm, Seconded by Micah Followay, motion carried.

The Meth 101 Presentation was presented by Officer Barbara Bailey and Sgt Darren Stone directly following the meeting.


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