March – BNA Minutes

Board Members Present : Jeff Miller, Laura Speedie, Vi Thompson, Micah Followay, Bruce Cantrell Sr., Deveney French, Rick Pickerill, Linda Taylor, and Debbie Thompson,
Board Members Absent: Gary Guss, Dottie Krause, Bob Starck and Liz Meisburg
Visitors Present: Betsy Ruhe, Anthony Thomas, Lt. Joe Manning, Chris Bellsmith, Randy Clark, Mary Singleton and Ed Wall.

Meeting called to order by President Jeff Miller at 7:00p.m.

Crime Report: Lt. Manning reported on crime in the Beechmont area. A slight increase has been reported in the area compared to the same time last year. The overall crime rate has increased 1.6% over last year.
Blockwatches are a key to successfully preventing crime in your area. All in attendance were advised to join an existing block watch or call Officer Barbara Bailey in the 4th District to form a new block watch group.

Treasurer Report: The total balance for March 2010 was $6456. 58. A motion to accept report was made by Laura Speedie, seconded by Micah Followay.

February minutes were reviewed, motion made by Linda Taylor to accept February minutes, and seconded by Deveney French.
New Business: Bruce Cantrell reported on Operation Brightside clean up on March 27, 2010. Desales High School and Walgreens Pharmacy will have volunteers to help in our neighborhood clean up. Any one in the neighborhood, who has a few hours to volunteer to help in our clean up, is asked to meet at the corner of Third and Southern Heights at 8:00 a.m., Saturday March 27th.

Linda Taylor asked the board for additional funds to purchase T-Shirts and hats with the Beechmont Logo on them. A motion to spend up to $200 for hats and t shirts, made by R. Pickerill, seconded by L. Speedie.

Discussion: One of the benches at the Gazebo need the boards replaced, L. Taylor will check on prices.
The Finish Line Festival is scheduled for Aug. 21st 2010.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jeff Miller and seconded by Micah Followay at 8:15p.m.


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