BNA Minutes for February

Members Present: Jeff Miller, Linda Taylor, Debra Thompson, Dottie Krause, Rick Pickerill, Bruce Cantrell, Gary Guss,
Members Absent: Bob Stark, Deveney French, Vi Thompson, Micah Followay, Elizabeth Meisberg, Laura Speedie,
Visitors Present: Judy Schroeder, Shawn Cady

Jeff Miller opened the meeting at 7:00 pm and presented agenda.
Dottie Krause presented copies of last month’s meeting minutes.
Linda Taylor presented copies of the next 4 months, Mar, Apr, May, Jun 10 BNA events calendar.
Jeff Miller stated the police officers normally present at the monthly meetings would not be able to attend this specially scheduled meeting, (changed due to weather). However, they presented Jeff w/a report on crime in the area.
Judy Schroeder, of Metro United Way, made a presentation to the board on education and the future of education in Louisville. Main focus: What is in the neighborhood that the children are interested in? Library, Beechmont Community Center. The board provided ideas on where she could provide some of information on her program. BNA suggested: library, Beechmont Community Center, TAP School on National Turnpike, local child development centers, Dr. Offices, etc.
Treasurer’s Report: Debra Thompson presented a monthly financial statement, ending balance $5883. Motion made by Gary Guss, 2nd by Jeff Miller, all approved.
Minutes of last meeting was presented, motion made by Linda Taylor, 2nd by Debra Thompson, all approved.
Jeff Miller presented the idea, of raising the cost of membership. Discussion ensured regarding to start to think about this. Since a lot of members were not present, we decided to not vote on this at this meeting, but put on agenda of future meetings. The board also discussed ideas of how we could get new members.

Committee Reports:
Membership: Gary Guss reported holding our own, a couple of new memberships from the block watch neighborhood. Upcoming spring events will bring in more members.
Beautification: Jeff Miller reported Beautification Committee, the water co and parks dept are still working on the Gazebo water line. Jeff is working w/these organizations to ensure the work is complete before Mini Marathon.
Publicity: Gary Guss reported Publicity Committee will be advertising the Mini Marathon Breakfast in all of the normal venues, CJ, Velocity, on line.
Old Business:
A discussion of the upcoming zoning meeting for the property at Central Station for the proposed Family Dollar. Jeff Miller reported he attended the meeting of the presidents of the surrounding neighborhood associations. They appeared to be well organized. Email on the upcoming zoning meeting will be sent out from Jeff Miller.
Linda Taylor requested the agenda for the BNA meetings be sent out in advance.
Linda Taylor requested the poster for the flower festival be brought to the April meeting, so that they could be distributed well in advance to get the word out earlier and may in advance.
Rick Pickerill reported on the progress of coffee shop, they are in progress and should be open soon.
The Variety shop on the corner has closed, no one knows the status as to who might be moving in. The building is for rent. A general discussion ensued as to possible uses for the building, restaurant, coffee shops, etc.
South Louisville Welcome Sign, Linda Taylor reported she is working on the design with the brick layers and the state to finalize the design, sizes, etc. Once exact dimensions are completed, this information will be presented to the Metro for them to coordinate w/the State.
Betty Rieber Memorial is closed. Jeff Miller presented the information to the family as to their options. The future of this action is now in the family’s area for any future actions.
Jeff Miller reported that the Spring Clean Up for Beechmont is set for 27 Mar 2010. Jeff asked for volunteers to call around and ask for help. Suggested local schools, etc. Debra Thompson reported she got the mailing from Brightside Cleanup on the free T shirts, bags, gloves, etc. Bruce Cantrell took this info and will to call Desales, Olmsted north and south and the local Catholic schools looking for support.
Visitor Shawn Cady attended the meeting and reported on his experience on the recent Nuplex spill. Gary Guss reported on attending the meeting. There is a process for Nuplex to store the waste water on site before shipping to a treatment plant. One of these tanks was overfilled and spilled about 100 gallons of wastewater into the moat. The sump in the moat had a hole and released this effluent into the outside groundwater and then into the sewer. Gary Guss reported an odor problem to Dan Johnson and the Federal EPA on that Monday. Others also reported it to Metrocall and 911.
New Business:
Shawn Cady reported that on Wed after the spill on Monday, middle of night of Feb 8, 2010 Louisville Firemen appeared and began to take readings. At this point, EPA is in the fining process, and the cleanup has started. Problem is this company has had 19 other violations, and even getting fined, is not enough to keep them from doing it in the future. Linda Taylor advised at the meeting that there were medical officials, and clean up people available to help people affected by the spill. Jeff Miller reported that the EPA finished their study and it is now back with the State EPA to monitor. Jeff Miller reported that he and Gary Guss is working with the other neighborhoods in the area affected by this spill to collect information and work as a group and present the situation as a group effort. He encouraged residents to report any strange smells quickly. Also keep a log of when the smell is noticed record dates and times and email to Gary Guss. This will be captured as a group and reported by BNA. 574-6000 is the phone number of Matt Stull who is the POC for Air Pollution Control.
Rick Pickerill made motion to adjourn at 8:25, 2nd by Gary Guss, motion carried.

Submitted By Dot Krause – Board Secretary


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