Chemical Odors

The following is from Jeff Miller – BNA President, if you have an interest send  email to and I’ll add you to the list. The federal EPA is investigating this as well as the City Environmental Dept and MSD. I filed a complaint with the EPA this morning regarding the odor problem as well as notifying Dan Johnson on Monday. Dan turned it in to the city on Monday.

Gary Guss

Beechmont area residents,

If you would like to get updates with any new information sent to the Neighborhood association by the EPA or MSD regarding the investigation of the chemical fumes in the Crittenden Dr, Woodlawn & 1st Street area please reply to this e-mail. If you want to attend a meeting that we may be able to set up with government agencies please reply to this e-mail. Please forward this e-mail to any resident who lives near Crittenden Drive & Woodlawn that may not be on this e-mail blast.

To know more now visit this Courier-Journal link

This is our community – We need answers — We need your help

The Beechmont Neighborhood Association


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