January 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

BNA meeting minutes 1/18/2010

Board Members Present: Rick Pickerill, Jeff Miller, Dottie Kraus, Debra Thompson, Bruce Cantrell, Sr., Gary Guss, Bob Starck, Deveney French, Vi Thompson, Linda Taylor, Micah Followay

Board Members absent: Elizabeth Meisberg

Guests: Donna Pickerill, Linda Guss, Lt. Joe Manning LMPD, Dan Johnson, Corey Koellner

  1. Meeting called to order 7 pm
  2. Treasurer’s report provided by Debra Thompson. We are up $880 with a total balance of $6199.97. The money from the city for the gazebo landscaping was approved but BNA does not have it yet, so Jeff Miller agreed to follow up with Ray Manley at Dan Johnson’s office. A motion was made by Gary Guss, Seconded by Rick Pickerill to approve the treasurer’s report.  All approved.
  3. Lt. Manning made a report of crime in Beechmont area, Beat Six.  Over all there is an 18% drop in poverty crime and 12% drop in violent crime.  He reported they did a thorough review of a report of a potential meth lab in the 4600 block of Cliff and the property is totally clean.  A block watch meeting was conducted at the Library last week for future block watches in Beechmont.  Meeting was well attended. Linda Taylor requested Meth 101 class be done soon for the Beechmont Neighboorhood residents who wanted to learn about how to detect areas where it may be being produced.  Lt. Manning agreed to meet with the library staff and get a room and date. Dan Johnson agreed to help with this effort thru his next mailing.  The class will be scheduled at our April BNA meeting on Apr 19. The board meeting will start at 6pm.  At 7pm the Meth 101 program will be offered. As always all of our meetings are open to the public.
  4. Elections for 2010 officers of the BNA were conducted.  All offices were unopposed with not more than one candidate.  The following were approved as an unopposed slate: President: Jeff Miller, Vice President: Rick Pickerill, Treasurer: Debra Thompson, Secretary: Dottie Krause
  1. The following committee’s assignments were made:  All were unopposed and the unopposed slate accepted. Nominating Committee: Bob Starck, Membership Committee: Gary Guss, Beautification Committee: Jeff Miller, Publicity Committee: Bruce Cantrell/Gary Guss, Public Affairs Committee: Linda Taylor

Special Event Committees:

Flower Festival: Laura Hosbach,

Mini Marathon Breakfast: Bob Starck,

Harvest Festival: Donna Pickerill,

Holiday on the Corner: Jeff Miller,

Planning Committee: Linda Taylor

Special Committees:

Business District: Rick Pickerill, Bob Starck, Corey Koellner

South Louisville Welcome Sign:  Linda Taylor

Old Business:

A general discussion ensued regarding the request from Betty Rieber’s family regarding a memorial.  Jeff Miller reported that he has been in contact with the Olmsted organization regarding a tree, but the cost is $700 and it would have to be planted in the Park and not along the Parkway.  The BNA decided, due to cost, to not purchase the tree. The memorial plaque on the gazebo or somewhere on the corner has been previously decided by BNA to be inappropriate because no one previously has been memorialized and it would set a precedent. The two benches on the L&N property were donated by the Hollis family and it will be suggested to the Rieber family they could purchase another bench to memorialize their family member, but they would have to obtain the L&N credit union approval for placing it since the property actually belongs to them.  Jeff will report this information back to the family.

New Business:

Motion made by Gary Guss, Seconded by Bruce Cantrell to donate $100 each to both Bright Side and the Olmsted Conservancy from the BNA.  All approved.  This will be announced in the next Bugler.

Motion made by Gary Guss, Seconded by Bruce Cantrell to pay from $10 to $20 per month for snacks for the 4th District MPD. Donna Pickerill volunteered to pickup the snacks and deliver.  All approved. A decision will be made later on what to do for the firefighters.

Bob Starck brought up the proposed zoning change from residential to office/residential on the property at 4410 S 3rd St.  The BNA decided as a group to contact the zoning board and disagree with this zoning change.  Bob Starck will organize the group to voice the disapproval.  Bob Starck made the motion to disagree w/the zoning change, Seconded by Jeff Miller, all approved.

Motion made by Gary Guss to adjourn at 8:30, Seconded by Jeff Miller, all approved, meeting adjourned.

Submitted by  Dottie Krause – Secretary


January February Bugler

The January February Bugler is up on the website.


Block Watch Meeting

To all Beechmont area Neighbors, There is a Block Watch meeting scheduled at the Library on Woodlawn Ave. for Thursday, January 14th at 6:30pm. If you are interested in getting a Block Watch started on your street a Police Officer will be available to answer questions and offer advice. If you have questions prior to the meeting contact Jeff Miller 502-287-2847  jsmiller1969@hotmail.com Beechmont Neighborhood Association