November Crime Report

Louisville Metro Police

Beechmont Newsletter

November 2009

Crime Statistics

November 17 to December 14, 2009

Offense Type Number of Reported Offenses
Homicide 0
Felony Assault 0
Burglary (All types) 3
Criminal Mischief / Vandalism 7
Robbery (All types) 1
Auto Theft 0
Theft From Auto 4

Reported crime continues to trend downward in our division and in particular in the Beechmont area.  As reported in previous submissions, overall criminal activity is down in Beechmont and Beat 6 compared with this time last year.  4th Division, Beat 6 encompasses Beechmont as well as the areas around Southside Drive to the intersection of Southland.  In the most recent Compstat report year to date compared with 2008, property crime is down 18.1% and violent crime is down 11.5% on Beat 6, which encompasses the Beechmont area, with overall crime in the division being down 11.9%. These are very good numbers and shows the excellent relationship that your community has with LMPD.  Blockwatches are a key weapon in the struggle to reduce criminal activity.   If you are interested in forming a block watch for your street, please contact our Division Resource Officer, Officer Barbara Bailey,

You may now use the Metrowatch system available on the LMPD website to track crime in a specific area.  Simply click on the Metrowatch link at

Contact Information

4th Division

1340 South 4th Street

Louisville, KY 40208


Commander:                           Major Steve Green

Sector 3 Commander :           Lt. Joe Manning

Division Resource Officer:     Officer Barbara Bailey


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